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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    One day later, not a lick of improvement. Ya get a headache when you cough too much. If I get up to change the themostat and sit right back down again, I have to gasp for about 5 minutes afterwards. It's a ten-step round trip. So the anti-vaccine posts don't look so sensible right now.
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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    Oh the wording was too big brother :rolleyes5: Forget the wording. You may get the flu if you refuse, That'll be enough . . . .
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    dealing with and cleaning absolutely filthy, oiled hot roll tube.

    I reckoned the graphite or moly was lube too, since most of the profiles discussed here are either rolled fairly severely (tubing, pipe) or cold. It is a pretty effective rust preventer indoors.
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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    I'm mad they didn't tell me about COPD "exacerbation." Which is what I have going on now. I was diagnosed with COPD 20 years ago, and after years of struggling quit smoking cigarettes and haven't had one in over 10 years. Yeah I smoke a pipe and should't, but its not often and not...
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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    John I read that 2% number too. I'd still do it--one day of flu-like is better than ? days of real flu.
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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    Came down with the flu 5 days ago, and its shaking off very slowly, can't guess how many more days it will last. Never had the vaccinations before because I only had the flu once, 20 years ago, and it wasn't on my mind. It sure is now. Being 62 makes it worse. It's like developing COPD...
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    dealing with and cleaning absolutely filthy, oiled hot roll tube.

    Ugh, feel your pain. I get this nasty stuff on CR profiles, tubing, and some pipe. I only work with small quantities and its gloves, blue shop rags, and mineral spirits or any degreaser that's handy. Depending on the size and profile, may either wire brush it with an angle grinder next, or...
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    OT: Snowplows for pickups

    Wanna drive around all winter with the blade on? You won't like the ride, your truck won't like the weight, the gas stations will love you though. If not, you need a place to drop the plow, with access to mount it as needed. If you can't get the plow on before the snow starts, you'll need to...
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    Help identify this odd adjustable clamp-like tool

    Tool for repairing a pull starter with a recoil spring. Holds the spring while you replace the broken rope. I just made that up :D
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    OT: Difference between Silverado Work-truck and non work-truck?

    Driving Silverado 1500 Work Trucks since 2002. As far as I know the only difference is the trim level, but haven't checked the last 2 years. Mine are always basic 2-seat cabin, 8' bed, 4WD, auto transmission. Audio system may have been upgraded the last 2 years, before that its an AM-FM...
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    OT - US Constitution, Article II, Section 4

    In light of the latest twitter wars its about time to pop this up to the top again :D
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    OT: Gas engine preferable for Dune bashing ?

    Stick a filter over your air intake with a mesh fine enough to keep the sand out of the engine. Nylon stockings are about the right mesh size, not that I'm suggesting anything :D I don't mind towing street vehicles off the beach cuz they didn't know this, but y'all do get impatient sometimes.
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    OT - Machine Shops & Kim Jong Un in N. Korea...

    Something that never happens in your Russian paymasters' country, where people who criticize President-for-life Putin end up dead. Jealous?
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    OT - Machine Shops & Kim Jong Un in N. Korea...

    Gotta hand it to Putin's trolls, they are persistent. Like herpes.
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    Way OT Oyster Crackers

    Pretty sure I saw that brand the other day in one of the local markets. If Milland can't find any let me know and I'll send them to you. I can't remember the price or bag size at the moment. They were not the little restaurant sized bags.