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  • Seiner:

    In responce to a few guys having issues like you mentioned, I looked into the subject a few weeks ago. I have edited my web page accordingly.

    Doo Recoils

    It seems some are not assembling them in the proper sequence. That is Doo's layout, not mine. You have to understand though that they are trying to get it into as small'a package as possible.
    Not even sure how to work this here feature, let's see if it posts up:

    I have gotten 2 back that had a worn clip ring.

    It seems that Doo's "stack-up" tollerances are greater than what my original dimmenssions allowed for. Some of their assemblies are enough thicker than my allowance, and the assembly then runs too tight.

    At least this is my best guess....
    These were built to the dimmessions of the assembly on my machine. And after several yrs I have never had an issue. So all I can think is some assy's are too thick, and the design would need to allow for some "take-up" shims if we were to continue.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

    Doo you need a new pall?
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