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    EDM Wire

    We use the Thermo SD wire from Sodick. Its great wire. We have no issues with threading tall parts and start holes down to .020" dia. It can handle up to 25 deg taper. Its clean with no zinc residue and we can really bump up the power with it. We have noticed about a 20-25% increase on burn...
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    Sodick EDM Alc600G help with AWT Jet pressure adjustment

    Have you resolved your issue with the AWT jet??
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    Taper cutting sodick edm

    Are you doing a taper cut or 4 axis cut? G140 cancels 4 axis work at the end of a cut. G50 will cancel a taper cut. Taper cut .375 thick with a .15 land and 2.0 deg taper. TP0.225; TN0.0; G90; G92 X0.0 Y0.0 U0.0 V0.0; (ROUGH PRIMARY CUT); C000; G41 H000 G51 A0.0 G01 X0.25 Y-2.6595; A2.0...
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    Sodick BSA condition explained?

    The Aq750 we used to have we had to do the G41 G51 AH999. It was a real pita. So nice just having it in the header now.
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    Dedicated User

    Six operators for one machine??? Most of the setting you mentioned really shouldn't even be played around with. Unless you have a steep 4 axis or tapered part wire tension shouldn't be adjusted. About the only thing an operator should mess with is EPA. All other settings are done in the...
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    Sodick Wire cut VL400Q

    I can send you a a PDF with instructions on how to set up your Siekanet. You'll have to PM me your email. As for the tank drain at a M00 use a string file so the machine also reads T83 and a M00.
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    Agie Drill 20 how to load a program from a USB

    It will take a DXF file or an ISO file. Go to your easy drill page ( top right icon with the hand ). Next go to pattern page on the right. On your pattern page click the icon under point to open ac cam. Once there open file from usb. Click the drill icon to make all your power settings and depths.
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    Spool tension Sodick

    Sounds like your back tension is loose. Settings, user 2 lower right side is you back tension settings.
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    Difficulty in obtaining Georg Fisher/Charmilles PM

    I think most manufactures are having a really tough time finding service techs. It takes a lot of training and most don't last long due to all the travel.
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    Sodick L cut wire chopper

    These wire choppers seem to have a mind of their own. Our AG has 28000 hours on it and still using the same cutters. The choppers don't last long at all on our ALN's. We tried wiring out our own but just didn't work. They just crimped the wire. Needless to say, our wire choppers for the ALN's...
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    Going on 7 months

    lol... the machine was installed 3 weeks ago. Super nice machine as well. Being able to load a dxf with all the start hole locations is great.
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    Custom condition on sodick.

    Have you tried Sodick applications? I'm sure they can make up a cutting condition for you.
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    Going on 7 months

    Hi Bud, When we purchased the machine we were told 6-8 week delivery. Their reason is the machine is still in transit from Europe. Marcus Machinery sold us the machine. This machine is replacing an old machine. Fortunately the old machine is still in service and operational.
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    Going on 7 months

    And still waiting for our GF Drill 20 to be delivered.
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    Excessive/quick wear on Sodick C guide

    As jz said make sure the larger opening is at the top. These need to be rotated 90 deg every 500 hours and replaced every 2000. Your thread pipe may be slightly bent as well causing the wire to rub the guide during threading. Also, make sure your heads haven't moved. Hold an indicator on your...