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  • Hello, I worked for Warner Swasey in Shrewsbury England. It was previously Nortons. You must have bought the surface grinders after they closed the factory in December 1976. I have been researching the company for the last 5 years, a brief draft can be found on the web-site MADE IN SHREWSBURY. On there you will see photographs of a Asquith floor borer, all the ways were hand scraped It used to take the fitters many man hours to get square as the beds were strait off the planner. they were to large to be ground. The good old days. Regards jumpy
    Hello John...Just a observation. I wonder if i could ask you a question about scraping? I was watch the Nick Muller u-tube video and started to think about how do you rough scrape down say .008 of wear? Do you put the lathe bed on a grinder and get it close(say.
    001) and then hand scrape? His video showed he had made like 15 passes at it(that seems crazy)taking tenths at a time. Your work is awsome. Have you ever done a crossslide on a South Bend heavy 10? Thank you.....Dean [email protected] neufellmachining.com
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