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  • Hi NAST,
    A person working in a lower position is not necessarily less intelligent than those in the higher positions. Maybe he did not get proper opportunity because of several reasons such as locational disadvantage and financial constraints. If that is the case, he may develop better skills through proper guidance. This you will have to judge. Macro programming might be out of question, but conventional programming can be learnt.
    My eBooks, unfortunately, are not for absolute beginners. These do not explain basic G/M-codes such as G00, G01, G02 etc. If a person can write simple programs without involving canned cycles, he can learn canned cycles from my books. For example, he should be able to write a program for reducing the diameter by a small amount, using G00 and G01 only. That is the prerequisite for following my books.
    I can send you the pdf of any eBook you need.
    Hi Sinha,
    A quick question since that old thread was brought up... I looked through your amazon books (I already have you Macro B book as you know, cost a fortune to get it here but every cent worth it) and saw the "CNC Programming" book. I have two semi skilled guys that have been operators for me for quite a few years and was thinking that this might be a good read for them to start understanding the basics of programming. The one has conversational programming experience but would like to try to boost both of their knowledge to help them out. Do you think this would be a good start (I have mainly fanuc VMC's and lathes) or would it be too involved for them to understand coming from pretty much no programming experience?
    Before signing the book contract, my publisher asked me why anyone would like to read my book rather than Smid's book. I am copying a part of my reply to them, citing shortcomings in his book:

    • Not discussed the extremely useful concept of interfacing of CNC machines with external devices.

    • A number of typos, such as:
    1. “Multiplication” should be replaced by “Subtraction” in the last line of page 113.
    2. “0.0” should be replaced by “infinity” at two places on page 115.

    • There are some serious technical mistakes in the book, such as:
    1. The last five program codes on page 125, and the first five on page 126, are illegal commands. For example, #5 = [#1 EQ #2] is not permitted.
    2. On page 126, the book states “BCD function converts Binary Coded Decimal format into a Binary format, and the BIN function converts Binary format into a Binary Coded Decimal format.” Actually, the reverse is true. Moreover, these functions are not explained further.
    I may be biased towards my book. Therefore, it might be better to ask the forum members for their comments. I really do not mind if somebody makes a nasty comment about my book.

    Actually, I had to answer a similar question from my publisher (McGraw-Hill) before they agreed to publish my book. They bluntly asked me why somebody would like to read my book. For them, it is business, after all.

    Smid has skipped several advanced macro features which you may find out simply by comparing the TOC.
    Moreover, it is not quite suitable for i-series controls.

    If you purchase my book from amazon, you may always return it for full refund if you do not like it.
    Hey Sinha!

    So, I have Peter's book on CMB.. A great read. I thought of buying your book, but choose his since he seemed to be more recognized. Anyways.. I wanted to ask you about the differences (If any) between your books? I am considering buying yours as well but that depends if your book contains something his don't or if you maybe elaborate further on some concepts.

    I realize it may be hard for you to be objectice here but is it in your honest opinion worth buying yours If I have his? And if so, why? :)

    Take care man, you seem like a nice guy.

    Best regards
    Contd. from the previous message ...

    5. I have clearly said many a time that I am not a CNC expert. CNC is just my hobby. Most people know this. Considering your observation, I would now try to change my language so that I do not seem to be posing as an expert. It was never my intention, though.
    6. Copy/paste is a serious allegation. You need to give some examples.
    7. I write because I love to write. Even now I am writing on threading cycles. I have made all the figures myself. I do not think I have copied a single line from anywhere. But G76 would remain G76. I cannot change that. If you want to read it, please send me your mail ID. I would send you its pdf.
    Thanks for your interest in me. I value your opinion.
    Hello James,
    I am not at all offended by your comments. I would patiently answer your queries:
    1. I am in the teaching profession. I teach mechanical engineering subjects such as drawing, mechanics, computer-aided design etc. I am paid for that. It is decent enough.
    2. I am still active on the other forum. Even today I posted something (two posts). Fordav11 is not posting these days, possibly because he is too busy with his business. Even though he dislikes me, I like him because of his knowledge.
    3. I have received 60+ likes on practical machinist. Everybody does not dislike me.
    4. I agree that I need not unnecessarily post. I would be grateful if you kindly let me know which among my recent posts were unnecessary. I would do some introspection.

    Contd. to next message, as it is becoming too long ...
    Hello, My curiousity has peaked with you. What exactly do you do for a living? I watched you run yourself off of *******, now your doing the same on practical machinist. Why do you feel it necessary to comment on everything, mostly just guessing at answers? No need to bullshit me, I saw all your posts and comments on ******* and witnessed fordav11 embarass you. Its cool that you want to learn, but you portray yourself as some expert. Plus tried selling "copy and pasted" info
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