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I am a one man shop. Occasionally I hire contract workers when I'm swamped.
I do a lot of prototype/tooling/and some production. The software I use is RhinoCam Pro(for cam work) and SpaceClaim and Rhino for CAD work. I use cnc for about 75% of my work.
Most of my customers are out of state.

I really enjoy PM. however the occasional blowhard or wannabe machinist that takes up residence in any given forum is like fingernails on chalkboard to me.

My dad had a shop that i started fiddling in at 12. at 15 he put me in a trade school for machining. LOVED it. At 19 started a informal apprenticeship in a tool and gage making shop. What a fun job....except for the pay. At 24 started in a CNC job shop and got to know CNC. At 40 got tired of jobshopping and became a design studio manager of a product development firm. Super fun creative work! While there, started my own shop on the side and eventually went full time. Have had my own shop just shy of 11yrs.

Still love machining and design work. Good thing too, as I don't see retiring as a fun thing.

you know.....machines and stuff...
Aug 27, 1961 (Age: 62)
North Central Montana
Job Title
model maker/designer