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  • Thanks, if I had not become suddenly impatient I would have accepted your invitation. I had the time and the resources available to me so I committed to a course of action that I become comfortable. I have had this machine since the early eighties and dismantled it 24 years ago for rebuild. Now that is patient!! In my defense I retired in 2008 and supported my wife through breast cancer treament and just now hitting my retirement stride!
    I decided to add a sapcer plate to the top of the saddle where the table slides prior to the Turcite. Now my saddle is back to 4" with the Turcite included. 4" is the spacing of the lead screw housing. I believe most of the wear was from that side so I should be close to original. I'll find out when I reassemble and my table lead screw with dictate how far I am off (if any). Thanks for your offer and good luck with your rebuild!
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