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  • Here is my album here with some pics. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/members/aametalmaster/albums/er40-collet-chuck/

    I would suggest getting some ER40 collets before you start to test the fits of the tapers. Then you will need to thread a block to fit your spindle for the chuck body. That can be done without having collets. Try to make it fit as close as you can to the spindle size. Thread the block and unscrew your chuck and turn it around and test the fit on your lathe spindle and if it needs more cut turn it back around and make another pass on the threads. There are lots more pics on my SB10K yahoo group but i don't have any plans or dims i just worked from the collet...Bob
    southbend10k : SouthBendLathe10k and lathe projects.
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