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    threads after tumbling

    Thank you for all the input in such a short amount of time! Fred, in a lot of cases, the gauge goes well past the chamfer and stops, which is why I guessed slurry. The parts are out of the tumbler, so after lunch I'm bringing the boss in to see these suggestions. The media is green plastic...
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    threads after tumbling

    Hey all! We have a new production part (6061) that has 4-40 2B threads that gets tumbled (per customer order). The deburr girl has been having to inspect and chase almost every thread after tumbling, so she and I are running a check. I gauged every single thread before tumbling and they were...
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    Circularity question

    I would guess this is a Rev E drawing, and this was one of the changes.
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    Circularity question

    We just got some new prints in where the guy who drew them was having a blast with GD&T callouts......with no tolerances. I went out and bought a prize wheel and labeled it "Wheel of Tolerance". There are 4 spaces with +/- 1/4". We're really having too much fun with this thing.
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    Optical Comparator 14" v/s 30"

    I have never really been brand sensitive on comparators, I've used a few different brands that I liked or disliked for one reason or other. Right now I'm using an old S-T and I hate it. Not enough travel for my needs. I also don't like the angle the screen is at. I prefer a more direct screen...
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    Granite surface plate cleaner?

    Interesting. I don't have the means to calibrate a surface plate, so I'm not familiar with this. I also use isopropyl because, well, that's what the shop has available. How much sag are we talking, here?
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    Kind of OT: Getting stray cat out of building

    If you can't find a Havahart (I think that's how they spell it) trap to borrow, call a local animal rescue and they'll come set one up.
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    mitutoyo blade mic

    Thank you, ttrager. I guess this is something to leave to the pros.
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    What does this symbol mean on a print? Surface finish?

    Definitely an 8 finish. I noticed the 8 was upside down, too. Maybe some weird software glitch?
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    mitutoyo blade mic

    Good day all! I have a Mitutoyo 0-1 blade mic here, and the spindle has about 15 degrees of play in it. I would like to try to fix it, but I can't seem to find the information anywhere. The tool is in good shape otherwise; as long as the blade is in the proper position, it passes everything...
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    B&S Reflex

    We have a reflex that has been sitting in my inspection room since long before I got here (5+ years ago). I understand; that little manual tells you nothing! I tried to find a more comprehensive manual, to no avail. If you ever figure out how to set X, Y, and Z to zero, please let me know...
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    parasolid viewing software and other questions

    They will not spend that kind of money. That is why I was looking for help either with the ProCam, or advice on a particular viewer. If I can open/ measure a parasolid model I'm all set. Something under $1000 and they'll buy in. Yes, I know, we will fall behind again with every technology...
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    parasolid viewing software and other questions

    No, we just have the ProCad. We're just a job shop, we do no design or engineering here. This is just such a big customer that we have to keep up with them and be able to view those files. They are using Mastercam. Today their CAD guy sent me another file in IGS format, and I was able to open...
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    parasolid viewing software and other questions

    Hello all, Our customer is requiring us to view their models so we don't have to keep bugging them. Procad help topics said I could import the .x_t file in and change it to .3d file to view it, but I wasn't able to. Anybody have experience with this? The next step, if that won't work, would be...