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  • Hi Starbolin,

    I was fascinated to read your comments in a thread about 'How to Machine an Acurate Worm Wheel' (post #5). As a challenge, I would love to have a go at producing the most accurate worm and wheel I possibly can for a telescope mount.

    I've had a quote for a hob which would be ground to a tolerance of less than 0.001 mm, and mounted between centres as you suggest. My plan is to mount a timing pulley on the shaft of the hob and drive it with a timing belt - is this how you did it?

    I'd appreciate any detail you could offer on the geometry and size of the centres to use and how to mount and and align them for both the hob and the wheel.

    I can build a special rig for this or I can use my existing cheapish Chinese lathe.

    I hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you (you can email me directly at [email protected])

    Best wishes,
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