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  • Do you still have any straight edges available? If so would it be possible to get an approx cost of the tool and shipping to OKC? Thank you for your time,
    Steve Schuler
    Sorry on 2 counts-

    I almost never think to check this message site, so apologies for the delay!

    2nd, I don't know a lot about specific Delta equipment, especially not by model #. But if you put a picture up on either the general or the woodworking forum, someone can probably provide some info.

    Good luck!
    Hello Steven, I am trying desparately to find out how to identify a Delta (Pennsylvania) band saw. I purchased it from a junk store and one of the cover plates is missing which I believe may contain the Model # of the unit. I have several #'s, but, they mean nothing to the DELTA web site unless you have the model #. Here are the #'s. BD 1251, SPM 620413, ECCW 28 - or 52 -, 530 - 830. These mean nothing to the search engine on the DELTA web site. If I sent you a picture of the unit would you be able to identify it? HELP!!!
    Thank you
    Holly Seib
    [email protected]
    Hey stephen I was wondering if you have any more of your straight edge castings available in either heavy or light version? If you not, do you know when they might be available? Thanks
    Hi Stephen,
    I sold you a panhans slider a while back, mutual frienfd Alwyn. Could you please drop me an e- mail off this forum. Also if you have a chance check out my Airtightclamps airtightclamps's Channel - YouTube thanks mac,,,
    Hi Stephen,

    Please let me know if you have any straight edge castings available now.

    Hi Stephen,
    I saw in a thread you were making camelback straight edges. Do you happen to have any for sale?

    Best regards,

    I have a question about the jacob spindle chuck. What should I look for like yours thats 1 1/2"x8 TPI? I found a few but there to big and one thats for rubber collets. I found on like yours for $225 but nothing that will fit the light 10. Any suggestions?
    Stephen, I saw you are into industrial woodworking. I have a pile of PCD disks and several WEDM's. Would you have need for any PCD form tools?
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