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  • Hallo Steve. I am Deon from South Africa. I have a forklift like the one in your pic (from a post on 12.11.2011), with a Perkens 6cyl diesel motor. There are no plates on the frame. If it is possible, i want to know the lifting capasity, manufacturing date(+/_), enjin displacement, hp, torque, and whatever available. Mechanics told me the enjin was discontinued in 1958. Thanks a lot.
    If your #1 is dead... Check for a small radiator or cooler leak...

    Were you running up any hills??? Coolant gets low, and top front of engine does not get cooled, wipes out the #1 cylinder and piston..

    You can have just the one cylinder resleeved.
    Hello Steve, I see that you are in Woodland Hills, we lived on Erwin St near Fallbrook for 20 years but now live mostly in Wisconsin. We still have our home and shop on Erwin St. and get back every couple months. I'm here in Woodland Hills for about a week now. A friend of mine, Bob Tullos also in Woodland Hills, and I sometimes go out for breakfast at the Woodlake Bowl on Ventura Blvd. Would you be interested in joining us sometime and talking about machinery? Looks like all three of us own 10ees.....


    When will you be in Woodland Hills? I have a 10EE coming to my place on Capistrano Ave in a couple weeks.

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