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  • Hi Steve, I saw your post a while back on the "ring-o-fire" shrink fit tool heater, sounds like you use something to rotate the tool while the torches are on it.... Any chance you could share a picture or drawings or something? I think we would like to try this route, we can not afford the expensive commercial systems. Thanks! Bob Quinn [email protected] 586-336-1237
    I received my first shorty ER32 collet holder and it looks like a winner....
    Did you get a chance to try out your shorty holder with endmills???
    How did the 1/2 x 3 loc EM hold up?

    This thread reminds me...I need to try running one of those on a finishing op with a 1/2" x 3" loc EM...might be just the ticket to speed that op up a bit.
    James. I think I'm good on casters right now...still haven't used the others yet. Too spendy to be buying to sit around right now. Thanks though, Steve
    I have some more BIG casters. I am not sure of the rating, but they are similar to the ones I sent you before. These are on swivel bases though. If youre interested let me know, ill get some pictures. Id like 100 a peice for these though.

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