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    How to train employees?

    Thought I would give a 2 week update. Been super busy and not active on the forum. Although I see this discussion made YouTube and I thank everyone for the feedback. Things are going a bit better now that I’ve been in the shop constantly (not where I want to be 50-60hrs a week) The good...
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    Hourly rates for Brother Speedio-type of machines

    On the R450’s I use to quote at 200. Sometimes it ends up being less and sometimes more. Usually once the parts are in production I can speed things up with some tweaking…. tight rapid, optimal cutters, and just pushing the mill with high feeds and speeds. Doesn’t always work that way and some...
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    I’ll have one for sale in the near future… it has HSM and a 20 ATC but not much else. It’s the wrong forum to sell something but if anyone is seriously looking for one shoot me a PM. It’d be priced right and is under power.
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    New Machine(s) Day! Brother S700X2 and Hardinge GT-27SP

    “So what new in the X2 models over the X1's?” X2’s have load monitoring. It’s not a slick as a Haas and takes some special M-codes to make it work and would take some macros to grab the next redundant tool but it’s there. We updated the firmware on the X1 and it’s missing the hardware for this.
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    Brother file transfer software

    My IT guy set something like this up for the 2 brothers I have. We did not use brother comm tho. We have a small “NAS” that’s kinda like a smaller server. All we did is run Ethernet cables to each machine and into the NAS. The new machines (perhaps the old ones too) will communicate to an FTP...
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    How to train employees?

    “What went wrong and why? No evasion, no "stories", the real deal.” There all honest guys and try to the right thing. I was actually kinda impressed the operator who damaged the fixture wrote down all the tool offsets for the job and work coordinate numbers. So finding the mistake was really...
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    How to train employees?

    Thanks for the feed back. I’ll get some of the Torque screw drivers ordered and poke-a-yoke those parts with markings for orientation. They where loading a part 180 degrees out. On most parts this is obvious but on these it a bit harder to tell. So they where about .050 short on one end. These...
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    How to train employees?

    My shop has been growing as of late. The oldest employee has been there for about 8 years. Hired one guy full time about a year ago. One part time guy 6 months ago and another part time guy a week ago. These guys are all fairly smart and making a little better than average wage for the area and...
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    Messy - Manufacturing the Hudson H9 semi pistol and Lessons

    “Was it dad’s beaucoup $$$$ to start with, or just bank lending on a wonderfully-“sold” revolutionary product and business plan? “ I think your spot on about daddy’s money. I would speculate he tried bailing them out to avoid potentially prison time and that’s the newly issued $8 mil in bonds...
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    Gibbscam workflow tips?

    I start out with a template that includes all my normal cutter paths for a given family of parts. The fixture, Op1, Op2 and 3D modeling will all be on the same file but in different work groups. They will also share the same origin. That way file management is super easy and there is only one...
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    New Machine(s) Day! Brother S700X2 and Hardinge GT-27SP

    At first glance they appear about the same. My X2 is 3-5% faster on most programs. It seems to be faster on X and Y rapids almost as if the acceleration on those axis has been increased? Both are stupid fast and you’d need a slow motion video to tell exactly where it’s faster. A couple of the...
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    Messy - Manufacturing the Hudson H9 semi pistol and Lessons

    From another article: According to the bankruptcy filing, Hudson’s liabilities are somewhere between $10-million and $50-million, while their assets are less than $50-thousand. [Is It Dead?] Hudson H9: Lawsuit & Current Status - Pew Pew Tactical I suppose it doesn’t matter what the exact...
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    Messy - Manufacturing the Hudson H9 semi pistol and Lessons

    I do some work for the gun industry and skimmed over the link. As I recall it wasn’t just the $10 million they owed their machine shop. They also spent a small fortune on advertising and owed all creditors closer to $20 million with assets in the low to mid 6 figures. The machine shop will...
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    “they can't wrap their heads around why they should know how to actually write a program; in their minds, it's kind of like learning how to use a slide rule.” All my parts are 3D milling so I would lean towards the students point of view. IMO being able to EDIT a program will cover most of...
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    8020 Principle

    Those MBA guys might have some valid points. I have a masters in manufacturing and years ago could have taken 2-3 extra classes for an MBA but never did. Now I run a small machine shop. The Pareto (80/20) principle works as follows. 80% of profits come from 20% of customers Or you could look...