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    Seattle area manufacturing?

    Check out NxEdge. NxEdge | New design for NxEdge
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    Seattle area manufacturing?

    I am not exactly clear on where you are looking, but NxEdge has facilities in Boise, ID. They sell spare parts. You can look at NxEdge | New design for NxEdge
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    100% beginner

    I am a Recruiter that basically has nothing but metal working and machine operating jobs and this forum has been an invaluable resource for me when I need to understand more about a particular role so that i can know what the heck I'm talking about when I'm interviewing someone. Just wanted to...
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    CNC Machinist 2nd Shift - Daytona Beach, FL

    Technetics Group, an Enpro company is hiring for a CNC Machinist for the 2nd shift (3:30pm - Midnight) to produce precision parts using CNC Mills and Lathes. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Operates and adjusts CNC machines such as, but not limited to: mills, lathes, etc. in production of complex parts...
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    CNC Machinist II - Technetics Group - Deland, FL

    I am sending to you now! I've got quite a few I'm trying to fill and this is the best place to find the best talent.
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    CNC Machinist II - Technetics Group - Deland, FL

    Hey there! I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond to you. I'm still learning how to navigate this forum. For an entry level Machinist it starts around $20/hour for a base rate and a bonus, plus a ton of really awesome benefits.
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    Union vs non union shops...

    I've been working in HR since 2004 and I've witnessed a few people try to start a union with other employees because they were angry about a company policy change or something that they did not like stirred up the organizing, just to get managements attention, but I've never seen them get enough...
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    I just replied to the reply of the initial post. I think that the least amount of change will typically be the best. I would never say that on the record, as it is certainly not a best practice within HR, but are you being required to set up a new pay structure? If so, I guess I would take the...
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    As a former HR Manager, I think the "attitude" is all about creating a positive overall company culture, with diversity and inclusion. I totally get your point of view as well. I think they try to rate using soft skills (attitude, ability to collaborate with team members, etc. With all of...
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    CNC Machinist II - Technetics Group - Deland, FL

    CNC Machinist II is a mid-level position to perform lathe and mill tasks, continue to learn all aspects of CNC operations, the trade and, and, as a part of the Production Team, fill in as needed in other areas in support of manufacturing. The requirements listed below are representative of the...
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    Slightly experienced machinist seeking employment

    Please send a copy of your resume to [email protected] and I will see what I can do for you.
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    Tooling Engineer Needed

    Large Automotive company in the Middle Tennessee area is seeking a Tooling Engineer to start ASAP. Overview: Develops, implements, oversee and maintains the building and/or repair of all types, sizes and shapes of jigs, fixtures, tools and dies on diverse, complex manufacturing equipment...
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    Looking for an Extrusion Engineer to start ASAP!

    Large company in the Middle Tennessee area is seeking an Extrusion Engineer to implement process improvements and day to day problem solving for EPDM and/or TPV extrusion lines. Required experience: extruding EPDM compounds: 3 years automotive manufacturing: 3 years Experience with extruding...