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  • My name is Daniel. I am from Elite Metal Tools (EMT). I am a part of the EMT web team.

    EMT wants to start building product applications into our website. Would you have any interest in exploring becoming a content writer for that? Specifically, I am looking for seasoned machinists who will write Product Application Uses: common uses, FAQ, tips and tricks, etc.

    I invite you to go to our website: Elite Metal Tools | Free Shipping on ALL Orders
    It is paid and can be at the pace that is best for you.

    Please contact me if you are at all interested in learning more.
    d[email protected] or reply to this message on the forum.

    Enjoy your day!
    Your message box is full. I see u r the mod for edm page and my thread is not appearing. It is titled "old EDM's help".
    Maybe it was moved or something but I can't open it, says it doesn't exist. If I should be contacting someone else, sorry, I figured you would be my first contact since u r listed as mod. Thanks in advance :)
    I am looking for an EDM Solutions sinker EDM machine. Does anyone know who may have one for sale?
    I still have not received a single reply and the offensive postings still exist, this is very disappointing please have them removed.
    I am dissapointed that the offensive comments placed by other contributers to the forum still have not been removed, could you please give resons for this
    I have sent many messages about offensive postings could you please review my messages and reply with your findings
    I have received hassassment in a posting ,,does my edm burn to size,, from mossy and implemex . Could you please look at these comments and remove the postings by them. I do not consider using a persons name and slating services applicable in a posting that has as sultry nothing to do with the actual posting made by the original forum contributor.
    Please the question - if there is a special W alloy that is more suitable for EDM. Especially wire cut EDM.
    I mistakingly posted in the EDM forum, would you please move my topic to the Abrasives Forum, Thanks Tom
    I'm new in EDM field, and As you show EDM fixture, could you please e-mail me if possible, the way of holding Jobs/work pieces on a jaws of fixture. the picture you paste is Very nice looking.
    John ([email protected])
    When I post pics I make sure they are in photo-bucket. Then it is just a matter of cut and paste the URL which is posted under the pic. If you have not resolved this issue, go ahead and post in the forum, there are a lot more knowledgeable people there than I am. / Regards, Marsh
    I seem to be having problems trying to post some pics. I keep getting thie message: " vBulletin Message
    Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator ". I follow the instructions in "FAQ" but no luck.

    Hi Doc!

    I was wondering how the levels of participation (plastic thru diamond) are incremented. I just wanna know how many posts it will take me to grow out of "plastic" which is uncomfortable for an EDM'er... it doesn't conduct electricty! lol

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