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  • Bill, thanks for the message you sent. It is obvious that you are a humble man, and I can certainly respect that. I'm twenty-seven years old, so I cannot fully understand what you fellows dealt with in your time, but my respect is immense. I have not served in the military, but many in my family have, and I cannot help but be humbled by the fact that you men put everything on the line.
    I hope you have an enjoyable day.

    Bill, I simply want to thank you for your service to this country, especially during a time of war. If you ever get to Iowa, please look me up, and I will buy your deserved rounds at the local pub.

    Glad you liked my comments about where to find useable old files for cheap. I really did have to force myself to stop buying them. I looked at how many I have and judged that I would not have enough years left in my life to use up even half of them ! I've probably got a 100-year supply. I can be tempted, however, by unusual shapes and sizes that I don't have yet.

    People in other walks of life seem to be amazed when I make something with a cold chisel, hacksaw and file. They just don't understand that metal can be cut without power tools.
    Bill, you mentioned in one of your posts about re-configuring a laminate trimmer for a different collet. Would you have a moment to share how you did this? The reason is I have a Bosch/Scintilla trimmer or die grinder (the part number traces back to both) and the internal surface of the motor shaft where the collet sits is a bit torn up. I have this weird idea to use this gizmo for sub 1 mm drilling but the runout is too great.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Java optioned on...WTH????
    My Browser (old Mozilla) clearly lets me turn off Java and scripts...

    It is not a Windows thing.. My computer can care less what the webpage/Vb, remote ad sites, are attempting to send. My browser is set by me, to accept NO scripts or JAVA.

    I get NO ADS AT ALL here.... No Flash videos, no pop up or unders... No annoying changing picture ads.

    I use a different browser for normal ad enhanced use...
    Bill, I can't even recall what the post was in reference to, just noticed what I thought was you stating you had some extranious nmtb tooling, and didn't know if you might be willing to sell some of it. I could have been reading more into it than it really was. I do have a friend locally here that recently bought a #4 Burke; and I would think he might be interested in some B&S #9 stuff if you go in some other direction.
    Either way, keep me in mind, and perhaps we could all profit to some extent.
    Thanks again,
    I noticed that you mentioned several pieces of NMTB 30 tooling in your possession in your last post. Is it stuff you can't use? I have a Nichols mill that would certainly benefit from it if you are interested in sending it to a new home. I also noted that you are "offshore" but am in no real hurry. Let me know if you have any tool holders you might not need.
    Thanks so much,
    Don't be afraid of an older Starrett, the bases can be rescraped, and that shouldn't be to difficult. Do watch out for broken vials.
    The main issues I see with the precision square are; the difficulty/awkwardness of using it, and the .0002" accucacy(.0005" is quite sufficient, IMO, for my uses). I have very rarely had the need for one, and therefore couldn't justify the purchase.

    With regard to the precision level; be very choosy about what you pick out. Most, if not all, of the imports have a grooved base, which I don't consider a good thing. I prefer a solid base because of the stability in use, especially when used on narrow surfaces. Also, the imports, from what I've seen, are considerably shorter, 6-8" long versus the 15" length of the Schere-Tumico, that I've got, or the Starrett's that are available. The shorter lengths will work on the EE, but parallels will have to be used under them on wider beds. I much prefer the ease of use for my purposes, with the longer levels.

    If you're going to use the level to validate the EE bed, the longer level will be far easier.
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