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    Fanuc 31iB Spindle Indexing

    I was looking at this recently for a different application on my mam72, but haven't had a chance to play around with it yet. Possible work-around might be to change the spindle orient parameter to your desired angle. You can change parameters with G10 L52 (on my machine spindle orient is param...
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    How do YOU avoid collisions and crashes?

    Wrong. It absolutely does not.
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    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    Thanks Sinha, that is a possible solution. In this case I'm wondering if I can do this without editing those calling programs (1, 2, etc as there are too many), but only the called program (3)... if possible.
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    Advice needed on buying a new or used Tormach CNC Mill

    Uhh the first video hit on google is mr. goober showing how to use comp.
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    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    Fanuc 30i question again - In a sub program, is it possible to determine the calling program number? In the below example, within program 3, is it possible to determine which top level is running? either 1 or 2? O0001 M98P3 O0002 M98P3
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    How do YOU avoid collisions and crashes?

    That's not quite accurate. Camplete is not a G-code simulator. It definitely does not simulate G-code like a real machine control does. Out of the box with standard settings, sure it works just fine for 99% of users and it should accurately depict what the machine will do. But it certainly does...
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    Haas DT1 Barking noise on spindle accelleration

    Does this machine have through tool air blast?
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    Macro Programming Fundamentals

    On Fanuc 30i, is there a way to read diagnostic data into macro variables? Similar to PRM[] for parameters?
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    I don't understand how someone can be so clueless. (Or just full of shit? or both) But can't understand deflection. It's a fucking TM3P, made of paper-mache. The best part is this lol. Obviously-not-a-machinist, you really should do yourself a favor and forget everything you know, then...
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    If instead you tried posting some of the details about what you're doing, you might receive a helpful response and possibly learn a thing or two. You wouldn't have to waste money for someone to show you how things deflect under cutting forces and how to use wear comps nor bother with your "class...
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    HSK A-63 on a HAAS, Anyone own/driving this spindle (yet) ?

    So what's the gage length of that tool?
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    Coolant Hose Issue?

    What did you replace the hoses with? Do you have a part number? 93-2336? I've got the same issue on 2 machines. They are 2014/2015. Disconnected and moved to a different spot in the shop. Downtime was about a week. I'm guessing that tan-color liner dried up? and now it's washing out...
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    how can i call current wcs system from a varable

    Yes it is #4012 G54-G59 returns 54-59 Extended offsets G110-129 return 110-129 But G154 P offsets return only 154. I don't think there's a way to safely and reliably determine P value? #4116 could return P-address, but this could be the last used P-address from a number of other commands...