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  • Hi. I found a thread here on PM asking if you were Deckelite on French ebay, which you confirmed. I'm looking at some pictures of a Kaiser Piccolo on Photobucket by Deckelite, and assume that is you also.

    I have one of these, and am searching for information on how to take it apart for cleaning and re-oiling. Someone on Instagram sent me the link to your photos.
    I have removed the shank (ISO30) revealing a smaller tapered shank, and removed the slide. However I am unable to get any further. Do you have any tips on how to proceed. Unfortunately, I can't find a solution from your pictures, and the shank seem a bit different in the pictures.
    Thank you
    Hi I have just been reading a thread where you answered a question about play in the Y feed thread on a Schaublin 13 mill so I hope you won't mind me asking you a question. I have just got one myself and would like to take out the play in my horizontal feed screw/nut, I have the manual but I don't see how the described procedure could possibly work as it only affects the bearings for the manual feed. I have taken the horizontal table off and from what I can see there is no adjustability of the nut which is buried in the right hand end of the main apron. I would be most grateful if you could advise me as to what is possible.
    Thanks in advance Nigel
    Hi, I have just read your entry on the ball turning attachment you had found that ou had put on your Schaublin102. Though I do not have your experience with machines I can tell you that I am almost certain that the attachment comes from a Schaublin 120 vn as I have just bought a machine like it with a tipon of extras and included was a similar gadget, the bed of the 120 has a flat contact area as well as an angled one, you would likely find that it would fit your ball turning attachment like a glove. Regards Brent
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