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  • Thanks cash, I got the bad news yesterday though. The power company is running 3 phase in front of my house and I got curious and wanted to find out just what costs would be involved with getting this. It turns out that hookup costs would be 3500 bucks which I guess is not too bad. Then my next problem is that I need another building; the building that I have now is slam full and I have nowhere else to put anything (let alone that monster blanchard). I do think that getting this machine would be a wise investment and that I could sell it and get my money back if need be, but who knows with the market like it is. I enjoy making aluminum castings but that market is about dried up like everything else; go figure right? If I could get my foot in the door I think that places like michelin, shaw fibers and maybe the railroad around here would send me some work, but its hard to say. Thanks for the reply and hope to talk to you again.
    First you need to be able to get in the door. Our sales men tell us that quite often it is the receptionist who will turn people away not even knowing what is going on.

    If you can get in what is most important is service and price. Most blanchard shops suck for quality and never hold size and people have just come to accept it.

    For example flat with in .010" can mean flat within .020"

    Your best bet is to offer pick up and delivery and real fast turnaround.

    If you need help with segments down the road let me know.
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