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    Hard start 3 phase motor

    I keep seeing SPC at places. Do not use one of those, you loose 1/3 of your nameplate power. Our 7.5 L&S has SPC and on a cold day does not go full speed as oil in gear head too thick. You need RPC with wiring and capacity overhead to supply a multiple of running current to work. Sent from...
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    Translating the accuracy rating of an electronic measurement device

    If digital there is the last statement regarding display. Regardless of resolution, the accuracy is good to +/- one count. The display will round off to get last digit. Next, sometimes the last digit is only a "0" or "5"... Digital displays allow for great accuracy, but back in the...
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    Air Compressor power question

    You have a voltage drop. Simple ohms law. Current through a resistance causes a drop in voltage across the resistance. Digital voltmeter is too slow. Your lights however, AR working fine for this. Do lights dim in house? No? Lights on sub panel dim so voltage drop between main panel and...
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    Garden / mowing tractor any built these days with a horizontal shaft engine

    Our JD330 looks like typical riding mower in general size. Has front and rear PTO each with separate clutch, hydrolic lift for deck or 3 point in rear, quick connectors in front for accessories. 5 ft wide tiller pro shaft driven on rear. We added turning brake from the 340, ordered the valve...
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    OT: Personal opinion on the use of an Midtronics MDX 650 Battery system tester

    Many people love them...I am not one of them. They work well but like Eastwood said...one must know their limitations. This type of device can tell you if a battery is bad. It can NOT tell you a battery is good. It does its magic by analyzing how a signal passes the battery, not exact...
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    Siezed top ¾" X 2" reducer top of 60 gal air compressor tank (appears new-unused)

    Get an impact socket that fits and use impact wrench. I likely was coated with some cement so a torch may be needed. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    South Bend Model A lathe restoration service?

    It looks Good from here... Restore not right term. Overhaul is better. Download southbend how to run a lathe, many versions, get a couple. Other task is order the overhaul kit that has all of the felts and the manual. They have one specific to your model. We have a SB 14.5 which is not as...
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    Hard start 3 phase motor

    77 amps on a number 14 wire....what could go wrong...? 14 is rated for 15 amps. Your meters are showing a lot of faults. Unequal voltages and currents. Step one is rewire. Rotary is 10 hp supplying for 5 hp motor. Starting current usually a multiple of normal. Look up LRA locked rotor or...
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    Repairing Start-Stop levers on L&S Powerturn

    What do these cost? We did not see a response way back when you started these. L&S 16 inch Model A, gear shift spoon Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    Sometimes you get lucky.... Not 2 birds with one stone but... Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    OT: Painting cast iron flower pot, rust prevention

    Drainage and air. The metal to ground constant contact allowed chemical reactions resulting in your mess. Placing on wood or concrete? Get 3 large bolts with nuts and washers and make feet. Cheap 1/2 galvanized hardware, radio antenna hardware like PD46 works well. The head of bolt is foot...
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    Service tech overcharging us. Legality?

    Already covered, but adding a little bit. First ask, show the authorization for going above quote. Second ask, itemized statement for each machine, full detail showing component level, each specific part, process and charge. Third ask, have them produce the document that specifies to same...
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    What Size Ammeter to use for a 3.7 kw spindle motor?

    We got some inductive ampmeters on Amazon, set of 3 for not much, ru. Wire through coil and panel mount little display. We use for water system. Cheap, not real accurate but can be used to determine what you Ned for this then handy for other work. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    If it came from anyplace other than "home use" it is likely 220 volt. If it does NOT have a plug on the cord but was hard wired more likely so. The wiring outside the motor is not usually where the difference is, that is usually supply and control. If motor is inside it will be difficult to...
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    Is the motor good? Wired correctly? Wired for 240 but connected to 120? Speed will be same but no torque. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk