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    Troubleshooting a Milwaukee mag drill that doesn't magnetize anymore

    So more information....Check the two red magnet leads with a multimeter. The Ohm rating you are looking for is between 97-119. If you have that, then your magnet is ok. Check the part number on the panel. It should be 23-35-0312. Mike
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    Troubleshooting a Milwaukee mag drill that doesn't magnetize anymore

    If you can remove the panel and look for any visible shorts, that would be a place to start. You can also test the magnet itself by taking an OHM reading from the two leads. I don't remember the range that indicates a good magnet, and it differs from tool to tool. If you get me the serial number...
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    Looking for a set of shaper cutters to match commercial 1x T&G

    I would be happy to make them for you. We make HSS corrugated knives. You would need a small corrugated head to run them in. I am not sure of the cost each, but I would guess at around $110 - $150 per set of two. I would need a sample of the moulding, or a dxf profile of both cutters in order to...
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    Grinding a dovetail endmill

    PM Sent....
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    Looking for an end mill sharpening service in the Los Angeles area.

    PM Sent Mike Central City Tool Supply
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    Tool Altering Source (Step Drills)_

    We make step drills, Carbide or HSS. Right now we are 2-3 weeks out. Add a week if you would like these coated. We are in California, on the Central Coast. CNC ground on Saacke 5 Axis Grinders. Mike [email protected]
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    Need laser engraving done ( 16 gage 6061 ) text / lines only

    We just purchased a fiber laser engraver. I will send you a PM now. Mike
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    Anyone have a Sawstop in the shop?

    We are a Sawstop Dealer, and I have sold at least 100 of them over the past 14 years. From the 7-1/2 hp Industrial Cabinet Saw to the portable jobsite saw. They are a well designed, trouble free saw. I have also sold Powermatic, Delta, General and several others over the years. In my opinion the...
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    FS Harig Air Flo Cutter Grinding Fixture New Condition With Kennedy (I believe) box.

    I think you would get much better responses if you took some better pictures. In all honesty the pictures you have posted are useless to anyone that is serious. It looks like a very nice piece and may be worth the money your asking. But without proper photos it will be a tough sell. Lay...
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    OT, somewhat. Drill in 1" concrete anchors, cutting rebar

    What you want is a Relton Rebar Eater. A regular bit will simply bounce off, and ruin that bit. It doesn't matter what hammer drill you are using, SDS Max, SDS Plus, or Spline. All will fail unless you use the correct bit. The process is simple. Drill your 1" hole until you encounter the rebar...
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    Source for grinding cone 2x4x5/8-11

    Back when I had one, I checked into this. If I remember correctly the Georgia Grinding Wheel Company will make most any grinding wheel. If they will not, I would get onto OWWM website. Google it, they have changed their name. Someone there surely has tackled this problem. The other suggestion...
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    Prices on 30+ year old machines

    Interesting how he wants YOU to come up with a price for HIS machines.....I would tell him I can't buy them AND sell them. Seems kind of odd.
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    shaper knife design

    It appears that you only have 4-5 degrees of axial clearance on the vertical portion of the knives. On a 90 degree angle you will need 10 degrees. On a Weinig knife grinder, this is achieved by tipping the grinding wheel 10 degrees sideways after your finish pass. If set up correctly you should...
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    CNC Carbide tool grinding reccommendations?

    If I understand your question, are you are looking to purchase a CNC tool grinder for this production? Or, are you looking for someone to make these for you? We make custom and standard carbide tooling. I would be happy to quote in those qtys if you like. Or, do you want some names of CNC tool...