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    Reasons for working overtime

    Interesting response. As a counter point, here's some feedback from both Federal and State levels: Federal: The federal overtime provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Unless exempt, employees covered by the Act must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a...
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    Is it me, or are your RFQs always missing information?

    The experience where I'm at is hit and miss. Sometimes we get decent blueprints and specs with our quote requests, sometimes we get stuff that's missing information, missing critical feature call outs, sometimes after we get the job there's 1 to 4 CHANGES the customer calls us for after the job...
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    How much do you value your employees educating themselves on their job and above and beyond.

    This is a good guide-rail you've mentioned, and is common sense. I interpreted the OPs question within the context of common sense. Additional training and expanding your learning should, as you rightfully point out, follow some kind of logical fit. So, citing your one example, training an...
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    Advice for a younger generation.

    You have to layout and understand the three dynamics that either drive success or contribute to failure depending on what is being handled well or handled poorly. You have to learn to monitor, manage, and CALIBRATE each as needed. 1) Business Sense. This covers all aspects of running the...
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    Laser engraver / cutter recommendations

    Did you ever find something meeting your requirements? I see no responses to this post.
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    Which dial caliper to trust? (This was worded as "dial indicator" before. In the end a dial is a dial)

    My Mitutoyo 8" digital calipers are remarkably accurate, and repeat nicely. This is said within the context of calipers mind you, which are incredibly sensitive to deviations in hand-use person to person given those great, big, long jaws. I just measured a 2" ceramic gage block @ 2.00" even, a...
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    MSDS / SDS availability ..

    I'm slow I guess. Aren't you an end-user? You state right away you are USING the product in your shop.
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    How much do you value your employees educating themselves on their job and above and beyond.

    This is pretty tricky to answer given there is no one answer. Michiganbuck and a couple of others point out some practical thoughts. 1) Your place of business will determine, to high degree, if this is even meaningful. Both in terms of "policy" and, more importantly, Leadership. Does...
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    Optical Measurements (Profiler), Trust & Traceability

    Would something like a Novacam make more sense relating to your question? They make laser based measuring systems specifically designed to drop into deep bores and take "accurate" measurements (don't recall the accuracy rating). Their videos on youtube show a variety of scanning scenarios from...
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    Vetting potential employees

    I worked at a place made automotive parts (aluminum), both the die cast and machining. Predominantly unskilled labor. People were trained as Operators, and while a very few were a cut above, most were people just needing to make a buck, no skills, often times just plain butts to have to deal...
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    Vetting potential employees

    I don't really understand this. If you are at a job interview it is presumed you need a job. Given that, the potential employer is of great value to you, so answering a few "annoying" questions is so small in comparison it's a non-issue. Where I'm at the Inspector's Test, as example, states...
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    Vetting potential employees

    IMO you don't always get a "good indication right away". That's the point. We've had several people start work here over the years, and every one of them got hired because, by word of mouth only, they "gave a good indication right away." Then they start work and can't demonstrate a solid...
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    Vetting potential employees

    In the shop I'm in, personal tools are allowed, so long as they are in good condition and suitable for the task. The company has invested in the vast majority of measuring tools mind you, but there is a smattering of hand mics, calipers, bore gages, dial indicators owned by machinists, in use...
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    Vetting potential employees

    We had a new hire (machinist) recently apply for the job. Came in for the interview and walk-around. We set a starting date on a Tuesday, but arranged for him to stop by on Monday so we could get the Orientation Training out of the way. Then, he could just show up the next day Tuesday, clock...
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    Vetting potential employees

    Have a Job Description that includes required skill sets. Go fishing with that Job Description as you would normally, looking to get a bite on that hook. Have a written test prepared and have them complete that BEFORE any talky-talk. Keep the test reasonable/logical, consistent with the job...