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  • The questions you are asking require a very detailed reply. This forum isn't really the best place to do it. I suggest you start a new thread in the " Antique Machines " thread. it could be entitled " Advice Required For Installation Of Hor Bore ". Then see what response you get.

    Regards John C. ( Tyrone )
    I’ve been searching the internet for any and all info into how correctly square up the axis,and level it out. I will figure it out,just would be nice to pick the brain of people who have experience in this area. Not many guys around with this background. I find myself in a position where almost every machine in the shop I work at ,needs a long overdue overhaul. Very large shop with very large machines ,most of which were built in the 50’s ,60’s. &70’s. Large grey boring mils ,planers ,lodge &shipely. Monarch lathes ,Bertram lathes to name a few. Looking forward to any advice that anyone may have,I want to learn the way that machines from that era were built and installed,as they say ,(they don’t make them like that any more).i find the new machines to light and disposable. Just my opinion.
    Hi matey, I'll see if I can find your item on the re-building forum. I used to install Hor Bores for a living but not many G&L machines. Over here it was normally Kearns, Richards, and latterly Kearns-Richards. There is a lot to know about installing them correctly, especially used machines.

    Regards John C ( Tyrone ).
    Thanks for the reply. I am still getting use to this forum and how to navigate it. I haven’t had much luck posting onto the main forum,then I saw the machine rebuild thread ,took a chance that someone would reply.
    Hi matey, we always levelled the machine bed before fitting the saddle and table etc. Of course you will have to re-level when it's all together also.
    It'd be better if you follow up this thread in the main forum, I only stumbled across this message by accident. This format is also a bit unwieldy.

    Regards Tyrone.
    Hello. New member here. First post. Just wanted to say hi and ask a few questions about Checking and leveling a 70 series G&L boring mill. Been repairing everything I can on this old girl. (For the past two months). Now getting close to checking ,levelling ,squaring this whole machine. I will wait till I get the saddle and rotary table back on before I level. Been a machinist and millwright for many years.machine repair is not a big problem,it’s the scraping ,levelling ,checking that is new to me. I’m looking foreword to learning these new skills. Been doing a ton of reading and practicing on my old equipment at home,but it’s another thing to get it right on a big machine like this G&L. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Hi tyrone i was wondering if you can tell me what is involved in replacing seal or what stops the quill leaking oil on an asquith od1 drill thanks
    Hi there I'm new here.
    I do a lot of portable line boring, and am in the process of purchasing a kearns richard sh 75.
    Is there anything specific that should be done with regard to the counter weight and chains before transporting it via lorry?
    HI Tyrone,I own an old milling machine that was probably built in uk,because all assembly bolts are bsw and bsig for plugs.Another interesting fact all the internals are metric:feed transmission have metric shaft and module gears,driven by a renold 3/8 chain and gear.I invite you and your friends to try to find origins of this particular machine.Me and my sons had put a lot of work in the restoration and I need a story about the machine.You will find pictures of work in progress with this link:Flickr: Phonse59's Photostream
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