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    Different kind of files...

    No idea on limit. It’s something like a 6k lb per hour shredder. Maybe give them a call at 216-664-3717
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    Different kind of files...

    Since you’re in Ohio … if there is any old local literature (brochures, public speeches, old factory newsletters, etc) contact University of Toledo, Ohio State or Cleveland State. All 3 have manufacturing archives and are very interested in local archives. Maybe too late but if you’re nearby...
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    How big can I Drill safely on a Lynx2100LB?

    Since you’ll be buying new, might as well get an insert drill w/ geo that lets you bore using the same tool (most do, but some do not). I used to do this in 316, 1.25” sumitomo sumidrill for a 2.60 hole and it worked great.
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    CalG is right. Dicing saw, or other very high speed spindle with a diamond tipped slitting saw. A high speed wire saw will also work. Without either of those, send it out. Laser works too, but you have to use an outfit that specializes in thin pcb stuff or else the edges will curl a few thou out...
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    Tooling for bore with 0.0005" diameter tolerance at bottom of 5.5" deep blind hole

    ^ Start a new thread. Sounds like hymu 80 alloy, or something similar, for magnetic shielding. Search on here, or I’m sure the Carpenter book has machining data.
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    Just got a Tesa-Hite 700, need some advice.

    Yes, there’s a counterweight, that (i believe) the ribbon reader is directly attached to. I’ve never had one apart though.
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    Just got a Tesa-Hite 700, need some advice.

    Yes, you need the calibration piece, or to make one in the same vein (C-shape gage blocks). On the tesa hites (and micro hites) the probe does not have a consistent deflection force control inside the probe arm, so in addition to calibrating the distance of 1” travel, it also “calibrates” your...
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    Cost of large 5-axis mills

    $13 million with a free building … as in Janicki is for sale??
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    Tool Length Measurement on Surface Plate

    I too looked for something off the shelf for this purpose. Closest I found was buying an “adapter” from one of the many companies who sell stand-alone toolsetters or shrink fit machines (haimer, zoller, parlec, etc). This was for 40 taper though, so taper was crucial for the gage. I ended up...
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    Use of the word "mil"

    As one data point here in the US, I have now spent significant time with not 1, not 2 but 3 different heavy mechanical engineering departments whose staff says “mil” to mean .001”. So it does happen. And it drives me nuts.
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    Kitamura Medcenter 5ax

    No experience with this machine, but thought I’d chime in on a smallish footprint horizontal. When adding the 10 pallet pool on the kit, it increases the footprint quite a bit. I ran a tsugami 5 axis fma5 for awhile and it was my favorite machine in the place. The 8 pallet changer is vertical...
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    Counterboring in aluminum on lathe with live tooling

    Sometimes it’s a “duh” moment … is your c-axis brake mcode present in the program prior to the counterbore cycle? Speaking from experience here because duh, yeah I did that and pop went the em.
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    Job Opportunity: Senior Laboratory Technician

    Grade R8: according to their salary schedule the minimum is $50k for entry level. This being a senior level, I’d guess about $60-$65k. No affiliation and no interest, I just looked it up out of curiosity.
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    0t---radius milling optical glass

    Very cool, I had never seen this done before. and I also checked out the billiard spirit level video which I also really enjoyed.
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    Machining formed (bent) plate

    I’ve machined formed plate for the purpose of bicycle frame construction and it isn’t that bad IF you have custom fixturing to maintain as rigid of a set-up as possible. Think a plate with a mirrored nest profiled into it, uniforce clamps, and then bolt on “bump” profiles to support the sections...