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  • Doug, This isn't my first K-T, the main reason I am buying it is because I really need that low lead gear box for a perpetual job I have lined up with my employer. If you really need this mill for yourself we can work out a deal as long as everyone is on board and happy with the results. I've jumped thru hoops helping fellow PM'ers get machines they needed and it's always worked out well for me, I have had the pleasure of making some really great friends. If interested in just the mill and tooling just let me know. Earl.
    Do you still have the crossfeed dial for this machine? If it has 200 divisions instead of the more common 250 divisions I'd be interested.

    Thanks, Bob

    Do you have a forward or reverse motor contactor. I assume this was a tube based unit? I could use a few odd parts. Unfortunately, my machine is a square dial, so I don't know what could be transferred.


    Jon P.
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