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    What have you made FOR your South Bend?

    I must say Bob every time I look at that taper attchment, it makes me want to make one and I have a SB one. Great Job:
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    Swigin, I have the box, all 3 are in the box. I will ship on Wed the18th Please take the time to post when you receve the package so that all will know you have them. they should work well for your aplacation as they did mine. Thanks: Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    Wayne, send me your shipping address with a PM I will ship out next week. Cliff
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    South Bend listed on CraigsList

    Thought someone might be interested in this, saw it this morning. http://greenville.craigslist.org/tls/1433377760.html Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    I have possession of the gib clamps as of (9-14-09). Thanks Jeko I should be complete with my job in 3 weeks if all goes a planed. Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    I will post when the package arrives. Cliff(SC)
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    Where have all the deals gone?

    Is it me or eBay? Looking around eBay and all the deals have disappeared HIGH prices & High shipping charges. Any one else see the same thing? Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    Thanks Jeko, sent you a PM Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    Paula I sent you a PM Cliff
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    South Bend Loaner Tools

    Hi all, looking for the spreader clamps. Sent a PM to Steve never heard back, anyone know where they are? I need to cut 3 or 4 new gibs. Thanks Cliff(SC)
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    South Bend Follower Rest: $950

    I see it ended with out a sale, but did any one see what he was charging for shipping $25.00 USPS flat rate He liks to over charge for shipping as well.
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    Papagrizzly, any news?

    Yes good question, I am looking to up grade "do I buy a used 10L -13 or hold on for a new one?" Cliff(SC)
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    SB compound on Ebay in wierd place

    Looking back that would have been a good modafacation to a colamation stand I had a setup and need to do offsets. And yes a good old Buff & Buff transit would look good mounted on it. Cliff(SC)
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    SB9 Taper Attachment Installation

    sceason check your email I have a PDF file with the info you are looking for cliff(SC)
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    South Bend & Digital Readout

    Have a look here, the 2nd one down http://www.dropros.com/Installation.htm