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  • Walt,
    I spoke to Roger. He emailed me the print and I had to pass on it. The large size and the deep internal features cannot be made with my equipment. I thanked him any way and hopefully he will think of me for smaller work. Thank you for the lead and I hope all is well. Cheers.
    Walt, I'm a member on PM and have seen many complements on your quality. Any how I have a shop in CT we have 165 mostly large CNC's.
    I have never had a taper problem in the last 32 years but guess what our time has come. We have two new Mazak's a HCM10800 horizontal 50 taper and a vert VCN700D-11 50 taper both with less than 350 hours. The factory has agreed to pay for spindle regrind on both. I just need a ballpark price for the two and travel w/in a few thou is good enough. My email is [email protected]
    Thanks Danny or D on PM
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