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  • Tom,
    I'm suddenly in doubt as to whether I replied or not. In April we'll be in Guangzhou 6 days, Guilin for 6 and 3 in Shanghai so I don't think we'll make it to Wuhan. Still, there will always be a next time as I'd love to see China as far inland as you are.

    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a really great 2011 :)

    Hi Tom,

    It'd be my pleasure to include you as a friend :)

    As I could go on retirement but don't is because I regard my work as my hobby and my hobby as my work. A real win win situation. Of course I do have othe hobbies LOL but I'll get around to telling you more soon.

    You've of course noticed that there is a great deal I like and admire about China and the more I get to know about it and the more Chinese acqaintances I get who become rinds the more I like it.

    My website is Flexible Measurng Systems and my email [email protected]

    All the best for now,

    Hello, my name is Tom Conlon. I operate a factory manufacturing water pumping windmills in Central China. We provide our windmills primarily to government agencies and charities to provide water for irrigation and domestic use in poor farming villages. It is common for me to be the first foreigner villagers have ever seen where we work and our company functions as unofficial American ambassadors of good will. We also do this work in many other developing countries. We do all manufacturing in our own factory including design, engineering, production, marketing, sales and installation. My hobby is scouring industrial markets and used machinery and tool markets for items of interests, of which there is abundance here. Thank you for your interest. You can contact me at 86-135-4504-9441 or email me at [email protected]. my website is www.ironmanwindmill.com
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