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  • HI,
    Yes, I still have the DVD. Trying to post on PM is next to useless though. There is so little space allocated that it immediately fills up. You are much better reaching me at [email protected]

    Hi Allan.
    Do you still have the CD/DVD with Deckel info?
    How can i buy a copy or download an iso image of it?
    I recently got an FP4NC with Dialog 4 command as a gift and am gathering information about the machine before starting a restoration. I have a good background in electronics / software / mechanics. I intend to have fun with this now that I am about to retire. Rigth now, I am backing up the eproms and soon I´ll be trying to take a look at the code.
    Thanks in advance.

    Gilmar Barbosa
    [email protected]
    Hi Wrench,
    Totally new to this forum and just recently a happy owner of a Deckel FP 1. Maybe from 63-64.
    Unfortunately there were no manuals with the machine.
    When serching for manuals for this machines on the webb, your name and a special CD/DVD is mentioned almost all the time. So i understand that i have to ask for your info to get a copy of this famous CD.
    ([email protected])

    Wrench. I recently purchased a Deckel fp2. S/n 45032. Made in 1953. I'm trying to track down any literature on this machine. Electrical schematic, etc. Also I'm trying to indentify these five Electrical items next to the reset switches. There look like insulated but the middle one in the top row has a fuse in in.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Wrench, I have read a couple of your comments on the forum and hope that you may be able to help me. I have purchased a Emcoturn 242 with emcotronic tm02 controls. I have talked to Alan about it and wonder if can help me too. I bought it used and like usual you dont get everything that comes with the machine when its second hand. I have lost the MSD , per Alan, and need a copy or some instruction as how to get it. I have called Emco and they sent me to Siemens, they then sent me back to Emco and its a little frustrating as no one wants to claim this control. So, my next bet is the Pros on these machines. I fired it up after unloading it and get a small screen and no movement in any axis or spindle. It does fire up the AUX but does not want to reference or move in manual. I also, read of some having a problem with the + or - 5 volts and I see it in the back of the machine but, no indicating light is on. Any, help would be appreciated.Especially since I cant get it from the makers.Thanks
    Wrench - I would like to purchase a copy of your CD/DVD for Deckel stuff! I have a GK-21 and an SO cutter grinder. I understand that you take Paypal. Could you email me at <[email protected]>for an address. Thank you! ttok

    I hear you have a DVD disc I want to buy, what does it cost and how do we do.

    When I bought me a FP2NC Deckel Dialog 4 and has been recommended to buy.

    Do something with the details. "Wrench"

    You get just my email address: [email protected]

    My name is:
    Jorgen Holdt
    Baunehoj 26
    7600 Struer
    Good morning Alan I just bought an FP1 so I went looking on PM for info ... seems you had/have a DVD with info about the wee beasty. how might I go about getting from you? Cheers Don
    [email protected]
    Wow! That is a new one... I have not heard of that ever happening before and I cannot imagine what the problem may be. I assume that you have cycled the power (turned the machine off and then back on)? If so, I am at a loss to explain the action. Even without parameters (MSD), you should be able to read the screen. The only thing I can guess, other than my comments at the bottom of this response) is that a board needs to be seated. These would be the boards that are towards the right of the machine. And if there is a lot of oil/carbon buildup inside the electronics control then that might also be a source of problems for you.

    The only other thing I can think of is that the video board has burned out. That would be completely coincidence (formatting a disk should definitely not be the source of the problem!). I have run into a few issues with the TMO2 boards, however, where a custom chip burns out. Do you have this control?

    I just bought EMCO Turn 120 P vith ET 02 control. when I turn it on everything was ok. then asked to insert a floppy disc. when I threw it asked me to format, I pressed YES, after that they came on the screen horizontal and vertical lines. Now can not do anything. I managed to run a tool to turn, and fluid.
    Please help me what to do. Thank uapred. Greetings from Pedja
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