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    Massive Seattle gear producer's sons fire all without notice, to cash out

    When they let them go and folded shop the Union's Contract would be nearly null and void and carry almost no weight with the new company UNLESS the old company agreed to make employee retention part of any sale that may take place AND the new owner honored the deal. (past local president in...
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    Silver soldering: what am I doing wrong?

    Oregon, I once read about gunsmith who had trouble silver soldering. He would prep the metal flawlessly and then just couldn't resist the urge to wipe any last minute dust off of it just before soldering with his thumb leaving oily residue from his fingers on the barrell! Make sure you ain't...
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    Don't miss this - FREE X-CAD - Alibre?

    Free is the only way you're going to move a late product to market. All these folks/companies have AutoCad. The only way to open the door is to make it free for awhile. It also means that you must have tremendous faith that people will find your product easier to use then the others. I think...
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    Flat Belt Suppliers?

    I spent the $100 for the high tech belt with the glue and I love it. No noise or vibration and more forgiving if you forget to take the tension off for the day. Glueing it on was a bit intimidating but I made up a 5 inch long jig with a straight edge on one one side to referance alignment...
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    Basic South Bend Questions

    Hi, I'm kind of green to all this myself but here's a few things I've found out. automotive oil has additives in it that become sticky, attract swarf and is not good. I used 3in1 oil till I found the right oils (at $60.00 for lifetime supply!) Seriously suggest you get the How to Run a Lathe...
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    OT-Guns, divorce and when things start gettin weird

    Sorry to hear of your situation. We started down that road some time back but it's all resolved now. At the time I told her I would give her everything but my 401K and my tools so I could start a new life for myself. I told her if she wanted to go the attorney route then I would fight her...
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    OT -What weed whacker to buy?

    I got the bent shaft WeedEater and it works okay but it's made for short people. I'm 6 ft and my back kills me from the half stoop after I'm done with the yard. They sure make the place look good when everythings trimmed up! One bit of advice, go with what the manufacture reccomends for the...
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    Eisenhower quote

    I haven't looked in awhile but doesn't the Constitution say "freedom of religion" and not "freedom from religion" ? Rosen's right, we don't want the government making up a religion and we don't want them telling us what religion to practice. Isn't that why this country was founded in the first...
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    Anyone made their own fume extractor??

    I'm a tv newsphotographer. Covered a story several years ago where research was announced stating the welders, woodworkers and cleaning people had a much higher than normal chance of developing a particular type of cancer. Think they were talking about Hodgekensons Desease if my rusty memory...
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    For anyone wondering where Forrest has been

    Forrest, best wishes and take advantage of the nurse situation while you're there! Grab all you can and blame it on your infirmed condition :D Don't forget us. Your post are really appreciated!
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    Moving my shop to a customer's building?

    I can't imagine this guy not looking at your operation as his own. When I was engraving guns full time I had a old timer once tell me I make it look easy. So, he says, why would anyone want to pay those kind of prices for someone who makes it look so easy? I used to demonstrate at gun shows...
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    OT: why is everything crap today

    We're are forgetting one thing here. Most of us have twice (;maybe three times) as much "stuff" as we used to. Because of the effective use of advertising we "want" more. That's what causes most of us to seek out cheaper stuff because we can afford more! One other tangent. I don't want to...
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    What is your favorite safety slogan?

    This became a slogan to me after I heard my Dad say it to me often enough, "Now, with what you are planning to do here, what is most likely to fail if anything at all goes wrong? What will be the ramifications to you of it failing"? Because of this I've always identified the weakness in my...
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    9" an 10" thread dial compatible?

    According to the catalog it fits. Also, I got one of a a 10k and it fit's my 9x40 just fine. Couldn't get threads that worked because the spare stud gear was interchanged with the gear it stores next to (56 tooth). I never got a manual with the lathe so later found it in "How to Run A Lathe"...
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    OT New hunting season in Wisconsin

    I'm impressed with the direction of the thread. I read half expecting to find those who think it's manly to "hate" cats. I always found that odd. How the hell could a small animal like a cat actually give some men goose bumps and fill them with rage? ! I always thought these guys had a screw...