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    Struggle to q set tools on fx600 twin turret

    What exactly do you need help with?
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    Assistance in site development

    A unique option is better for promotion!
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    Career Change: Manual Machinist

    Undoubtedly, today you need to be a universal worker: on the one hand to be an expert in manual work, and on the other hand to be able to perform processes and with the help of automated machines
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    Does anyone have a Renishaw SLM 125/AM 125?

    I see, I hope to be able to set it up!
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    Does anyone have a Renishaw SLM 125/AM 125?

    And why did you decide to buy a Renishaw SLM 125, can you find a model that will have an official service?
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    Single Cutter Bar Turner M1865 1.5" Shank Warner Swasey

    Thank you so much for the screenshot of the instructions!
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    A refurbished & upgraded Walker-Turner drill press!

    I think there's nothing wrong with the photo!
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    Musings on very large machine tools

    Yes, it would be very interesting to see that rarity photo!
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    Career Change: Manual Machinist

    In my city, a mechanic is needed at the Nestlé plant to service and repair electric forklifts and other special equipment.
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    Looking for Beginner 3D printer

    A friend of mine also bought a Prusa. After opening the parcel and comparing its contents with the specifications provided by the seller, he found a lack of guides and studs. He had to go to a construction store and buy all the guides and studs in the right quantity.
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    Looking for work. One off Jobs / repair / fabricate /machinist - Southern Indiana

    Well done, I'm sure that now it will be easier for you to find customers. It's clear to everyone what services you provide.
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    Mazak V5 will not retain tools

    You have not tried to contact the manufacturer, maybe they will tell you where to find the necessary manual.
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    music box cylinder

    Thank you very much, very interesting production process. The cylinder with pins is a work of art, especially surprising when several sets of pins are applied to the cylinder to play several tunes.
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    Opinion on Lulz printers

    I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Lulzbot Taz Workhorse. Especially noted is the easy replacement of work units, making it easy to upgrade.
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    Looking for work. One off Jobs / repair / fabricate /machinist - Southern Indiana

    Thank you, your comparison of wristwatches and warships made me smile:)