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    Bridgeport Interact 720 Relay EXT , DC Voltage Missing

    Apart from many other problems , this is popping up , when the three trip switches stay in when I start up ! Not always all three , sometimes just one or two etc etc .RELAY EXT .DC Voltage MISSING .Any ideas whats up ? I have tried to get a specialist in to help but there all to buisy !! Or...
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    Looking for some connectors for Bridgeport Interact 720 project

    Hi Bryan , did you get the 4th axis project up and running ? And if you did have you got the parameter code to get it all running ? My machine has the rotary table set up fo the 4th axis cables plugs and all , but I lost all of the parameters (check those batteries with the machine ON!! ) and...
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    Need Help with cables and connections for 4th axis on mill

    Hi Bryan , just read your 4th axis adventure in PM .I have the same need for the 4th axis and my 720 was equiped with a the rotary table supplied with it . But I lost the parameters with the code for the 4th axis , and cant seem top find any info of the code/ parameter numbers etc , would you...
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    Possible problem with Fanuc AC servo motor "lock" (Z-axis)

    If its like my Bridgeport , the screws where painted over at the back 12 very very very 4 mmm screws later coupling ! Thanks for the solenoid tip ! That looks like my next problem ! Happy Days all the bestz harry
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    Possible problem with Fanuc AC servo motor "lock" (Z-axis)

    Thats one of my problems in a nutshell !! Well written sir ! I turn on the machine and one time looked at the indicator showing me the power being used and it was 50% even the thought he z motor was not turning ! So if can can figure out the passing over the reference point Im laughing !! Thanks...