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  1. jims

    Lathe centers always 60 degrees?

    Don’t forget they also make radius center drills. I think mostly for when you offset your tailstock for cutting tapers. See Keo 10070 R H radius center drill
  2. jims

    Can I have some feedback to geometric die head on 316SS vs thread rolling?

    I used to have stub acme nuts out of 316ss knurled on a thread rolling machine and never had one reject. Threaded them after knurling. 1 1/2 dia. Od.
  3. jims

    Weight specification for 5C collets?

    I have used Rovi 5c expanding collets that go up to hold a 6 inch dia part with no problem. If you don’t know what and how they work I think the are on you tube. jimsehr I took a pic of a Rovi 5c expanding collet that will hold up to about 4 inch bore of a part. But they make them to hold up...
  4. jims

    Brass 5c collet durability?

    I think you should just try using a steel emergency collet. I have ran thousands of parts with steel soft collets. They cost so little and work so well it just makes sense to try one. Doing production work I ran thousands of parts with bored stops and spring loaded ejection springs and never...
  5. jims

    Modify Carbide Tool

    To do it right I would send to a tool and cutter grinder. That’s all they do. Google and see if one is near you.
  6. jims

    How would you chuck this part on a lathe?

    Bore soft jaws that will not let part pull out.
  7. jims

    Where can I find forming taps/material displacement taps?

    I am a fan of roll taps because you have less chip problems. But with the soft easy to tap material I would go with any type tap. I would even check out the metric taps from Banggood And the like.
  8. jims

    What is the best method to measure this hole

    I would measure the outside of tube . Then measure the wall thickness on each side of tube. Add the 2 wall thicknesses and subtract from od of tube. old school.
  9. jims

    Oversize aluminum bar

    Hardinge makes some great collets but they are pricey , I know they make brass 5c emergency collets . I think I would have asked them to make extended 1/2 inch nose emergency brass collets for that application. Years ago I had them make a special index plate for a Hardinge indexing fixture and...
  10. jims

    Oversize aluminum bar

    I have used hundreds of them in my 60 plus years of machining with no problems. I even kept different size sets of pins for when I wanted to rebore them smaller. An 1/8 inch set a metric set and another set turned a few thousands smaller. We held the round rod end heads in them with the side cut...
  11. jims

    Oversize aluminum bar

    eBay has 5c emergency collet for $11.03 with free shipping. I keep 4 or 5 blank emergency collets in stock for special size stock.
  12. jims

    Maybe a dumb question about switching TPG inserts

    How much does this affect tool life and guality?
  13. jims

    Maybe a dumb question about switching TPG inserts

    Do TPU versus TPG have that flat?
  14. jims

    Turning radius on hardinge hc chucker

    I think you should check out Micro 100 radius tools.
  15. jims

    Radius measurement - top of bridgeport ram?

    A conture gage used in measuring flooring should work.
  16. jims

    Die Head Suggestion for 5/8-11 Bolt Thread on Lathe (Production)

    I would think about sending them out for thread rolling.
  17. jims

    Longest,widest chips with machining parameters.

    Nothing beats a box tool chip on a turret lathe. Once for fun a guy let the chip keep going without breaking it and chip went across shop and out the door like a snake and across the street.looked like a 1 1/2 dia snake. In all my 60 plus years of machining I have never seen a machine tool cut a...
  18. jims

    Function of Warner-Swasey turret lathe attachment?

    One of the best tools running a turret lathe. The tool is like a cross slide holding a bore bar or other cutting tool that moves up and down instead of front to rear . And has a dial to change size of cutting action. See reply # 3.
  19. jims

    New to me Logan lathe setup

    I started machining in 1953 on a new Logan turret lathe with a production cross slide. And I still have one. I also have a normal cross slide but don’t use it often. Takes only minutes to change from one slide to the other. I have been told the production slides are more stout and cause less...
  20. jims

    How I made dead length collet out of a 5c extended length emergency collet.

    The reason to use the extended 5c collets. Is that the Hardinge dead length set up costs over $250 . https://share.icloud.com/photos/034-1t4Co1fAYQYtDzZCLv_tw