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    machining 52100 (bearing race)

    I’ve turned a lot of 52100 on manual lathes. What EG said. Long stringy swarf that winds around and gets caught in everything.
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    Threading 25 tpi on Hardinge HLV-EM

    Has to be single point. So drive gear set to 40 and stud gear equals 50 and set the gearbox to 20tpi. I guess the idler could be anything. Do you happen to know the pitch and pressure angle of the Hardinge gears?
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    Threading 25 tpi on Hardinge HLV-EM

    What would be the easiest way?
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    Wanted Steel Angle

    Looking for fabricated steel angle. 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/8. Not hot rolled but bent from low carbon steel. The radius is important and needs to be 1/4 on the outside so 1/8 on the inside. 7 ft long, 12 pieces. Seems like it might be a commercially available product but haven’t found it yet...
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    Used and new from retired machine shop owner

    I'm interested in the drills and the tap holders. $20 for all drills? $35 for the 4 tap holders? If that is accurate I will take them.
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    OT- Five bathroom exhaust vents with the flex hose terminating into one manifold at the roof vent ...is this normal ?

    Totally normal construction we see it all the time around here. However there needs to be more than a damper at the roof. There should be a larger fan at the roof to guarantee negative pressure in the manifold at all times. A Dwyer differential pressure guage (available on ebay for like $10)...
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    "Best"? exhaust valve guide material?

    I thought moldstar 90 was all the rage for that type application. Maybe moldstar is aluminum bronze, I don't know. I know the stuff is a real pain to machine. http://www.moldstar.com/
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    What forklift brands have the smoothest motion?

    I recently bought a 10,000 lb Linde diesel with hydrostatic drive. This is the way to go. No accelerator, no clutch, no brake. Two pedals one forward and one reverse. Takes a little getting used to but really smooth. Anyway, Spud you are welcome to come by and take it for a drive if you want.
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    Thiel Nassovia Bandsaw

    Two rectangular blocks riveted together with a spacer between. Simple enough. My question is what material? I would have thought stellite but as far as I know stellite is non magnetic and this stuff is highly magnetic. Carbide might be nice but that would crack during riveting I would think. So...
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    Thiel Nassovia Bandsaw

    Getting back to the bandsaw for a moment. You guys come up with some wild statements. How is the table not a rectangle? It’s 20” x 20”, square. A square is a rectangle with all sides equal so it qualifies. The angled slots are sort of cool/distracting. To carry chips off to the side. Today’s...
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    Deckel FP3 Buying Help

    Seriously if it doesn’t work out I’ll give you $2,500 for it. Too bad it’s metric that blows. Peter will buy it though.
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    Deckel FP3 Buying Help

    This is true but the TNC also functions as the DRO which is really nice to have so you’d like to find one and put it back together. Anyway, just buy the thing already.
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    Deckel FP3 Buying Help

    I can’t really confirm any prices but I know enough to know that $2k is stupid low just buy the thing and ask questions later.
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    Deckel FP3 Buying Help

    As Peter said the dro box is missing. Major downer. And the left side table feed is sheared off. Not fatal but ugly. Would be interesting to know what they want for it. Could be an ok deal, maybe.
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    OT tracking shipment from Australia

    Expecting a box from Australia. I have the auspost tracking number which shows the package getting to US customs, cleared customs and tracked out. That’s it. Who delivers it in the US and what would the tracking number be? I assume it would be usps. Does it get a new tracking number from usps...
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    O/T Change of format for this 'Board

    It works on my iPhone. Hold on the posters name and a box comes up. Select open and another box comes up with info about the poster including location.
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    FS: Hardinge Headstock

    Thanks for that very informative post. Elgin headstock then. I always thought it was a great start to a speed lathe project.