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    questions on boring back to front

    I've done it on an engine lathe, feeding radially to shy of chatter and then away from the bottom .1" or so ... and repeat until I have a decent DOC before making a full pass out. Saves a massive amount of time stopping the spindle to fish the 'wool' out of the bore, before you can even get to...
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    Haven't checked the price of the Hardinge index heads in awhile......

    Glad I've already got a Finn 360. This would damn near buy me a Whacheon lathe. Maybe ... At least tool up a new VMC.
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    How would you check this internal groove diameter?

    Pizza? He's the 'guythatbrews'. I'd get my own pizza...
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    For those who watched Magnum Force and know about Colt .357 Pythons.

    I'd think the blast from the cylinder gap would be tiny in comparison to the muzzle. Depends on the width of the gap. I rebuilt an old Super Blackhawk, and set the barrel back a turn to set the gap at .001. It stays amazingly cleaner than any of my other revolvers.
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    Schaublin Dials, why are they backward in X and some are Radius instead of Diameter

    Don't remember which, but one of the lathes i used years back was radius. Just fine if you know nothing else. My SAG-12S is diameter, .400 per turn. The standard dial practically needs a microscope to read. The optional large dial is just fine, but interferes with the compound in some...
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    For those who watched Magnum Force and know about Colt .357 Pythons.

    Bayonet attachment, like a ... bayonet ... or a camera lens?
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    Options for a simple DRO on a tables saw

    Considering the vintage of the saw, how about a Trav-a-dial?
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    Designing a horizontal bandsaw from the ground up

    One of the best fabricators I've ever known used a miter saw for cutting tubing. Plain old carbide blade from the 'hardware store'. I figured steel tubing would eat it up at that speed, but he said they last just fine and they're cheap. It's been too many years to remember for sure, but I think...
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    Anyone recognize this lathe toolbit holder (who makes it)?

    If the length of the hole is an issue for broaching, drill a relief hole from the back. As far as that goes, I'd drill it oversize anyway so there's relief in the middle of the face.
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    Shipping VMC with coolant tank under machine — possible ?

    Yeah, but he doesn't deal in 'hobby grade' machines like Fadal, Haas, Hurco, Bridgeport ...
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    Roughing, Climb only or both ways?

    Oh, I thought it stood for "Buggering Up Endmills". That's how it always seemed to me. ;-)
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    Digital readouts on a manual lathe ? Thoughts Please

    I thought about adding the compound, but considering the various angles I set it at, and the total lack of repeatability based on reading an angle scale that may or may not be dead on to begin with, I decided ... NO ... And more bulk, more hassle routing cables ... Tailstock? Honestly, I can't...
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    Turning small diameter taper using tapered end mill

    Plain end mill in a boring bar holder. Cut the taper with the compound.
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    Anyone here making their own barrels?

    Given the choice, I'd be happier giving up my 'toys', AR's and AK's, and that's all they are, *toys*, than my Social Security and Medicare benefits. And there's also the declining minimum wage the young people have to live off of. But that seems to be the plan, create a 'slave labor' class for...
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    Anyone here making their own barrels?

    I spent a fair bit of time in CAD designing the cutters. And had a 14" Rockwell I was going to outfit as a a barrel making rig, based off Lautard's design. It sat gathering dust. And I decided to use the space for something else. Ironically, the guy that came to buy it had a son that wanted to...
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    Charmilles Robofil 300- Curious problem and boot up disks ?

    Not on my computer here in TX. Checked for atila. I don't remember if I remembered to check my shop pc when I was back in CA in Feb. And no idea when I'll be back there again. Few weeks, few months?
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    Threading barrel tenon with a die?

    Hmm, never heard of Weld Tech. I didn't get out much. There's the 'gate guy' at the corner with Barron. 'Ornamental Iron' or something like that. I took my TIG work to Mark at Alloy Cutting for awhile. Dirt bike connection. And more recently to JP in San Jose, another dirt bike comnection...
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    Threading barrel tenon with a die?

    Abe? Did you ever meet Wayne in Mt View? Umm, yeah, so generally it's only the first 3 threads that take XX% of the load anyway. 'XX' being quite a bit more than 50%. I kinda vaguely remember seeing/hearing a comment about something like this before. Good point to remember.
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    Threading barrel tenon with a die?

    No mystery. The lead-in exposes various widths of the teeth due to the helix of the thread. The fat side is going to push away and the narrow side will cut deeper. Once it's started.... Hence the idea of roughing it in on the lathe, even with a 16 TPI. Geometric heads are pretty sweet for...
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    Mauser barrel fitting

    'Kuhnhausen', I think. I've run into the same thing, not necessarily an action. Some sort of crud in there, a little 'Clover' compound and it's good to go. I've even been known to use one of my insert threading bars as a scraper ... don't tell anybody ...