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  1. zero_divide

    FSWizard / hsmadvisor speed and feed totally different (and wrong) compared to YG1 recommendation.

    Hi, Just like I said in my very first reply. The difference in numbers (between the manufacturer-suggested and the calculator) is due to parametric nature of the software that relies on average between many manufacturers. It will work in most cases but will fail with tools designed for a...
  2. zero_divide

    FSWizard / hsmadvisor speed and feed totally different (and wrong) compared to YG1 recommendation.

    Hi, HSMAdvisor and FSWizard calculators assume you are using coolant in aluminum. Also they give results averaged across multiple tool manufacturers. In your case the manufacturer designed the tool to work best at that specific feed and that's where it should be run at to get good results...
  3. zero_divide

    Adjusting feeds and speeds for low power machine

    Generally if you don't have enough power and the motor is starting to bog down, you don't decrease the feed rate, but you decrease the depth/width of cut. Also as someone mentioned, depending on your spindle type you will have maximum power available at a certain RPM range. If it's a VFD, it...
  4. zero_divide

    Radius calculation and 30 degrees

    Fillet Calculator -> https://app.fswizard.com/#/Fillet
  5. zero_divide

    Instructor approves cutting steel at 2000sfm

    Someone might get hurt or worse. It is a VERY bad idea to spin HSS endmills that fast in any material because they don't instantly disintegrate, but get bent before breaking and transfer all of the rotation speed into horizontal speed and fly out making nice round holes. I have heard people got...
  6. zero_divide

    Help with speeds and feeds.

    It seems you are using reasonable feeds. A bit too high on the speed for HSS. It does get dull pretty quick. Especially when going 2x over manufacturers recommendations. A carbide end mill would be more productive and last 10 times longer.
  7. zero_divide

    Set screw holder with no flat? Safe???

    You normally need the notch if you are going to be running any roughing passes. Because of the Helix Angle the tool will first spin slightly and then get pulled out as it slips. If you simply remove the spinning factor, it will be less likely to putt out. Manufacturers usually grind the notch in...
  8. zero_divide

    Surface Finish Issues With Extended Length End Mills

    I must have machined thousands of cavities with ballnose endmills. My go-to numbers for finishing aluminum with that cutter would be 10000 RPM, 150ipt, 0.005" step down. 0.003" width of cut. Do make sure you semi-finish first. You should get a good surface. Depending of how clean is required...
  9. zero_divide

    Machining with long endmills

    What is the Stickout? If you are getting chatter finishing walls, the only solution often us to reduce the RPM on the machine until it goes away.
  10. zero_divide

    Sandvik Group buys Mastercam

    Yeah HSMAdvisor is for medium roughing. You need to use those S&F override slides to get speeds & feeds for finishing. I am constantly asked to add some sort of Finishing machine mode, and soon I will once I roll out Cloud Tool Database sync I am working on right now.
  11. zero_divide

    New Speed and Feed Calculator

    I have a better one: FSWizard It is free and actually works 😁
  12. zero_divide

    Endmills snapping at holder nose tip

    One curious thing I noticed about hydraulic holders is they are not very stiff. I used 2 or 3 different types and they all seemed to allow for a lot more tool deflection. I think this could be due to the fact that while the liquid pressing against the inside of the bore is incompressible, the...
  13. zero_divide

    Endmills snapping at holder nose tip

    Edit: I misread something. I would start from something like this: which is almost exactly what you are doing. But the fact that the endmill is breaking after just 40cub.in tells that the radial engagement is too large. I would drop it to 10% - 0.037in Edit: It does not really seem too...
  14. zero_divide

    confusion about feeds

    If I understand your question correctly. Programmed feed per tooth depends on the type of material and the tool. Reduced radial engagement (below 50%) makes effective chip thickness less than the programmed value, so the programmed value must be increased. More info here: Numbers Behind High...
  15. zero_divide

    W.O.C. and D.O.C.

    I was always leaving 2x the amount of chip load value for finishing and never had any issues with rubbing it surface hardening. IE if my chip load is 0.0025" then I leave 0.005" on the wall or the floor for finishing. This also makes deflection non-issue.
  16. zero_divide

    What are things about a Desktop CNC Machine you would like to see?

    To the point of LMC This is the ProLIGHT 2000 with servos that I scored at an auction for $800 Then put about $1500 into retrofitting with new electronics. Nice little machine. I wish it had more travel though. 12x6x9 travel is barely enough for normal hobby use.
  17. zero_divide

    Machining aluminum high doc low radial

    Can you use a tapered Endmill? It is very rare someone REALLY needs to use a long ballnose with straight walls. I would suggest 0. Try to see if a tapered tool can be used. 1. switching to a bullnose with a small radius. Maybe .03r 2. Use a necked tool with small LOC. I didn't even know they...
  18. zero_divide

    Public web api for tool parameters and cutting data?

    Many tool manufacturers provide tool libraries for Fusion 360 If you get them in hsmlib format and import in to (for example) Fusion or HSMAdvisor (that functionality does not require license), you can then use their tool management to search / edit tools Tools for Autodesk Fusion 360 |...
  19. zero_divide

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    TLDR. Moral of the story is "Never lend anyone more money than you would have been fine loosing all together." Because this is what Kickstarter is.
  20. zero_divide

    Suggested speed and feed app, calculator, website

    Yes the feed is already compensated. On MC, just make sure the programmed feed is the same. You can do it with RCTF enabled and by entering the chip thickness, or with RCTF off by entering the calculated feed rate. Just make sure the fees rate is OK There is only the web app at...