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    Using a VMC to install dowel pins?

    I mean if you had many THOUSANDS to place you could build a nice auto feeder that would vibe and convey buckets of dowels to line up perfectly in a picking point, a magnetic picker tool or such (slightly oversize bore with a small magnet in the bottom?), and stuff them in all day and night. You...
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    Best non traditional Materials for machining Jewelry out of

    stainless steel muonionalusta meteorite almost 1' cube I bought for around $100 several years ago. prices has since skyrocketed.... 1 ring turned and polished 2 rings after etching.
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    Checking floor inclination

    I'm sure the REQUIREMENT is written such that the leveling feet will have enough range of travel to actually get it level. Don't go over thinking it.
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    can't drip feed anymore

    What sort of pc output are you using? hopefully not a USB to Ethernet or such. I would sooner suspect a windows update then. A somewhat recent one broke a my USB to RC radio transmitter connection that let me use it on simulators. I use cadem nc lite. It's free. It works for sending whole...
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    OT Microwave oven melt down

    metal generally is fine if it's thick enough to carry the induced current. metal racks are in more than a few models. I microwave utensils all the time.
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    OT: Big rig trucks: why air brakes and not electric brakes

    Seems very dubous. Seems you would have to get the hubs glowing hot to loosen the spokes enough to matter to the stability. At which point you would catch fire.
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    How to repair splines on pinon gear

    I once repaired a very loose spline on my flywheel/crankshaft. I flattened tig wire filler into strips and drove it into the spaces, with locktite. You have to drive the wires into the teeth in an opposing pattern like tightening wheel studs to keep it centered. It has worked for 15...
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    Hello , I need a Machinist

    a hard brittle spring pin in a blind hole can be tricky. It is sometime possible to "hydraulically" remove one. If you can find or make a punch that fits inside the pin somewhat tightly, then you can make a slurry of newspaper and water or spit or oil or anything liquid and pack that slurry...
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    PM 8" 4 jaw chuck

    the OD, back of chuck mounting plate etc... none of those are important in the least and .004 is quite good. learning how to personally adjust your chucks cam pins to get them to lock up at the correct spot is important, and EXPECTED. Who knows what chuck you may mount to what lathe and...
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    Which spindle taper - new knee mill purchase?

    You buck the stereotype of a German by prioritizing cost over everything. I certainly understand not wanting some obscure B&S or such but 30 taper is also very common the world over. ebay, shars etc... all have plenty of cheap nmtb 30 sets of endmill holders, face mills, etc... what else do...
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    Tool post twists !

    Your tiny lathe doesn't need a 6" cube. Nor does it need to be cast iron. Even an aluminum block would be FAR stiffer than your compound because it has no moving parts. Expand your search to include "any hunk of metal remotely the right size" Or, stop being such a total cheap skate and BUY a...
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    Designing a drenching gun

    Solo backpack sprayer ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies a pressure backpack sprayer like this has a lever that you need only occasionally pump to pressurize the tank. This leaves you to design any sort of wand nozzle arrangement you can dream of...
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    Leaning machine shop

    Sailor walking on his ship during heavy waves : interestingasfuck Good thing the anvil is secured!
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    Air line question

    what were you going to do behind the mill? I know the electrical cabinet needs space to work in it... but VERY rarely. I just move my Fadal mill whenever I need to. I use 1.5" pipes and a super short portapower hydraulic cylinder. I only lift it 1/2" to slide pipes in place. It's a 1 person...
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    Newbie here, some sandblasting/finishing guidance needed!

    a big mistake in thinking. You have slow filthy process but you believe you can make more money doing them in volume yourself? I do that all the time. :) The part your comparing to has been anodized. If there really is volume, (many hundreds or thousands) you want to either find someone...
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    Ot- Dumb injuries..

    I was installing deer stand pegs, the type that are screw threaded bent rods. .....I tried to tear the tag off of one. It was a very tough tag, and I was trying to tear it for all I was worth and when it tore I rammed the screw end straight up my nose.
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    Rolling Thin Wall Brass Tube

    what a fantastic factory tour!
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    Expanding center section of a tube

    use A513 1020 DOM tubing. 72,000 psi yield. you will have to expand it first... make an extremely stout die and hydraulically expand the tube while it is constrained inside. yield pressure calculator: Barlow's Formula - Internal, Allowable and Bursting Pressure yield pressure = 2 x...
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    Why do punch presses always sell for scrap?

    If your a job shop.... you'll (die) of buying or making non-standard punches because nobody designs for using them anymore. Designers now only know that a laser can cut whatever the hell they dream up.
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    OT-ish - is Adama OK?

    RIP all of them. not to be snarky at all... but perhaps it ought to be "Rust".