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    Genos 560v prices and options

    I'd tend to agree with you if you were comparing the DNM line but this BVM specs in squareness, runout, positioning accuracy, etc are right there with the best in the industry. I run Grob, Yasda, etc in my shop and this machine is very tight and very accurate. It actually changed my mind about...
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    Genos 560v prices and options

    I installed a BVM5700 recently that came out of the NJ showroom. Machine had scales preinstalled at the factory and its been an awesome machine so far. We had it ball bar and laser on install and the laser comp didn't even need to be adjust for X,Y or Z. Full stroke it was good to go when it hit...
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    ERP - JobBoss^2 vs. ProShop vs. Something Actually Good?

    Michael H was our implementation guy a few years ago when I made the switch. Dude is awesome and actually used to run a shop floor and understands the struggle. We still keep in touch! The people at Proshop (Ownership, team , etc) all really care about their customers. You won't get the same...
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    Need technical expertise regarding the REBUILD of HAAS 5th Axis Trunnion TR160-2

    You need to specify the tests you are doing, tolerances and failure details. How big of a work envelope do you need?
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    Best Tool For Roughing Titanium?

    Tools are rated time in cut. I would stay with your feed per tooth and sfm and start increasing the radial 1% at a time. See how the tool/setup/part handles it. I've found that the chip breaker tools (No matter what brand / what design) all have a negative result in tool life. Sometimes you need...
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    How do you interpret ASME Y14.5 2009 when it comes to chamfers, MMC, & Theoretical Sharp Points

    Sounds like your program to cut the chamfer starts at the wrong place because you are not compensating for the nose radius. So when they measure a theoretical intersection to a sharp corner your cone is putting shallow even though you bored deep enough with the boring bar. . At +/-.002 I would...
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    Speedforming/broaching on Brother Speedio

    Even better would be to get the spindle lock keys off the M series machines and a "turning" type BT30 holder with the locking flange.
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    Wanted: CNC Programmer / Machinist -Nampa Idaho - Creations Unlimited

    Bump Looking to add another! Recently added Ibarmia T16 and Zeiss Accura 12/24/10
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    AS9100 question

    Well to your point... The auditor found you guys using "reference" tools in areas that would be considered final acceptance before going to the customer. You can have a reference only CMM on the shop floor if you want as long as the tools used for final acceptance before sending to a customer...
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    AS9100 question

    Yeah thats total bullshit . The point of reference tools is to identify they don't need traceability, labels, etc. However..... I wonder if your QMS says "All non calibrated tools are issued a reference only sticker next to the asset tag number" or something of the sort. AS9100,ISO9001.... All...
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    Need a Rockstar Machinist for Rocket Engine Components

    I've been told the same thing now that I'm in the PNW. Avoid ex-Boeing guys lol
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    I think if you would have gotten #1 a pallet load solution or #2 a robot load with intuitive easy software you wouldn't have sold that cell. You would have sold something else instead. A pallet load system is more of an investment but its way more flexible .https://www.erowa.com/en/solutions
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    You will start thinking about how to do this on all your machines now... I'm just getting into part loading but have about 350+ pallets spread throughout the shop / 5 axis cells. We put our first piece of automation in the shop 2016 and ever since its all we can discuss. "How can we get this to...
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    For anyone looking into similar systems I would encourage you to look into this system https://www.robojob-usa.com/us I spent an hour yesterday doing the demo online. They preteach the robot locations and they have graphical software to define depths of parts in the gripper, vise, etc. You do...
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    500mm HMC tombstone options.

    Aluminum tombstones work fine but get a coolant chiller. 10* coolant temp is going to move the tombstone around
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    Portable coolant chiller

    The old Chip blaster units came on casters and are ok for small machines. I have 4 of them in our shop. They just redesigned the chiller to use Hyfra components and the unit is a lot nicer. We just got one installed on our new NTX1000 and it is way more efficient. Runs way less then the older...
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    Fanuc 31iB Spindle Indexing

    You have a 5 axis machine with a rotary? Why can you not just index the part?
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    Central coolant system.

    I could see doing this with a 3 way valve and an air purge. Push all the coolant out of the lines and purge the "fill area"
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    Central coolant system.

    We went through this when I moved the shop and ended up putting 3 fill stations around the shop with hose on a reel. Can reach everything you want and can go from row to row. System won't have enough pressure to fill multiple machines at once anyways. We put a central RO unit with 500 gallon...
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    Kitamura Medcenter 5ax

    Come back in 6 months and please post a follow up