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  1. swatkins

    Quickbooks turns into ransomware, what Accounting software are you using ?

    If your small like me check out Freshbooks.com.. I have been using it for three years and my accountant is happy with it. I have lots of clients so have to go with the 50.00 a month version. I don't need payroll so I can't speak to that function but there are lots of add-on programs that...
  2. swatkins

    1943 Rockford Planer "The Beast"

    Took me a while to really understand how to use the beast, probably will always be learning to :) right now I'm planing 2, 4 foot cast iron V rails I helped cast over at Windy Hill foundry.. Making a grinding sled for a lathe bed.. With all the hears of practice I can hold .001 over 4 feet...
  3. swatkins

    Repair of D1-3 spindle taper

    I have a newer model 10ee that had a messed up nose on it.. someone ground off the taper and then used foil tape to make the chuck tight.. The reason they ground it off was a very bad wreck that bent the shaft .004.... Check the inside taper for run out. They ground the nose and did not...
  4. swatkins

    WTB: 5 3/4" to 6" OD Pipe Drop

    I have some large solids if you need something like that... Call me as I probably will not see a reply there....
  5. swatkins

    Re-machine surface on a 5 feet square Acorn welding table, Greenville, SC.

    Too bad you are not closer..be a fun job on the planer:)
  6. swatkins

    BobCAD tool path problems...

    Need a lot of help here! I have been fighting this for a week and I’m stumped… Could some kind soul take a look at this file and tell me why the tool path is just reversing at 2 corners instead of continuing straight around the corner. In the simulation the tool reverses at two corners and as...
  7. swatkins

    10EE front bearing spacer setscrew missing

    Glad it helped you :)
  8. swatkins

    10EE front bearing spacer setscrew missing

    Your set screw is exactly like the one on my 1990... There is only one screw on this machine... I just put the new donor spindle in the machine and I can say for sure the screw will sit about 1/8" above the casting when it is not in the slot.. When in the slot is is below the surface of the...
  9. swatkins

    Parker/Eurotherm 514C/507 4Q SSD DC Retrofit into 1961 10EE Modular

    Now that I have replaced the spindle in the 1990 10 ee I need to start on the electronics. Is the a parts list or diagram for this conversion?
  10. swatkins

    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    Well the question is answered... Yes you can put an older spindle into a 1990 model successfully. :) A few differences were overcome and the spindle is now spinning in it's new home... Had to make a sleeve to fully support the rear, rear bearings but the 1973 Hardinge HC chucker worked great...
  11. swatkins

    1957 10ee parts/machine for sale!

    Kevin the one I have has that cover but it is two halves... Split from top to bottom....
  12. swatkins

    1957 10ee parts/machine for sale!

    Do you happen to have the back 1/2 of the end cover that has the hole for the spindle? 1954 square dial I have is missing that one cover :(
  13. swatkins

    Need a Rear Headstock (?) Cover for a 1954 Square Dial

    Hi folks.. 1954 10 EE square dial I am missing the rear cover that has the round hole ( actually 1/2 hole) for the spindle to stick out.. Don't know the correct name for it... The front half is present just need it's mate for the rear... Anyone have one or know of one?
  14. swatkins

    10EE Tach Phenolic Drive Gear Replacement Worth it?

    It's best to use the email on YouTube as all my otheres are killed by spam.. Or PM me here.
  15. swatkins

    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    Put an indicator on the inside taper and see what is going on there.. Mine was perfect on the outside, just ground too short, and had .002 runout on the inside taper.
  16. swatkins

    10EE Tach Phenolic Drive Gear Replacement Worth it?

    I have an extra gear off of the replacment spindle Im putting in the 7000 dollar mistake if you need it..
  17. swatkins

    Anyone know what happened to Miller Machine and Fabrication?

    I've had Brian make a few screws for me in the past... Now the website is parked at godaddy and no info to be found on him...
  18. swatkins

    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    Tailstock this is only on the rear bearing set... All the main bearing spacers are identical on both spindles and the only problem is the rear bearings are not supported on the last 3/8" of the spindle..
  19. swatkins

    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    Cal here are a few pictures. The one with the drill bits is for the passages I think you want. The back passage has a bit sticking out of it and it is about 1.5 inches deep. The front passage is through hole. The other picture is of the rear bearings... The more I think about it I'm just...