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    CNC lack of workers ?

    This industry doesn't pay a decent living wage pretty much anywhere on earth, certainly not on a 40hr work week. Also, having looked into it before, machinist was not on the work visas list for the USA. Probably because according to the public minions that run the regime, any monkey can do what...
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    Census Bureau for Business

    This information is very important so that they can know by exactly how much to lie to support the regime's narrative that everything is fine...
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    Where to buy INCONEL 625?

    As far as I know there's currently an ongoing shortage problem with those 625 sizes, maybe not as bad for 1.5". And yeah, price of nearly everything is nuts and getting nuttier, shortages with some other alloys too for the past year. Did you already check with Special Metals and maybe High Temp...
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    Doosan Lynx 220 dead battery

    I just have a maintenance sheet behind the machines and change them every year and write the date/voltage of new and old battery. If it dies every 6 months, change it every 5 months...
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    Payment terms changed.....to 120 days??

    Conspiracy Scientist actually. We've been right about everything so far the last 3 years. You're welcome.
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    Payment terms changed.....to 120 days??

    Most likely destroy as much of the little people's "wealth" as possible and bankrupt a lot of them until they're begging for the great reset and the regime's CBDC's to save them. My bet is that none of the last 3 years was an accident and all just part of a bigger plan still unfolding. If I'm...
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    Payment terms changed.....to 120 days??

    Debt slaves are usually not in much of a position to call the terms nor able to walk away. Pro Tip: Stop being a debt slave. The last 3 years were a fantastic opportunity for most to get on top, if you missed it, you probably won't like what comes next.
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    Payment terms changed.....to 120 days??

    They're not wrong, 60 days should be plenty of time to find a better paying customer and ditch them.. Or move the shop to china, and then say " no money no shipping!! " and they'll pay up front. A lot of people will be left holding the bag where we're going... try not to be that guy.
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    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    Pretty nice that it's aluminum, can chew through that pretty quick. Backlog is closer to 4 months here, all stainless/inco. I'll see how things look once the snow is gone and decide if I add another machine. I keep feeling like this foolishness should slow down eventually but been saying that...
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    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    How's the new lathe running?
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    Drilling 6063: sudden problems, Speedio

    Probably bad batch of extra gummy aluminum. I've got some 2.5" from indonesian that I'll be bringing straight to the scrap yard, can't make a part out of it, beyond garbage.
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    Intellectual Property

    If they asked you to design and do cad files, then you bill them for that, and hand it to them at the same time they hand you the $$$. None of this here's the files you can pay me in 30 years.
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    Doosan Lathe, Tool Setter Adjustment/Calibration ?

    Am I the only one who's tool setter keeps drifting?
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    Doosan LEO 1600 turning center ?

    Just wondering if anyone here has one of the Doosan / DN-Solutions Leo 1600 turning center or seen them in person ? I've been debating getting a small turning center and dedicate it to only finishing 1 type of part, doesn't need more power but needs to repeatably hold .0001"(which my lynx 2100...
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    Dehumidifier for the shop?

    Heat recovery air exchanger... I have 1 going 24/7, and a 2nd one I turn on when the shop's running, nice fresh dry winter air in, crappy smelly shop smell & moisture out. Unfortunately in summer it does suck in some moisture from outside but at least the air is still fresh and the shop smell...
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    Doosan Lathe, Tool Setter Adjustment/Calibration ?

    In my control it shows a decimal under those parameters. Control is whatever fanuc Oi they were using in 2018 on the lynx 2100LB I guess I'll add .152mm to 5015 and 5016 and see if it goes the right way, and if it doesn't I'll take it off the other way. Anyone got a guess as to why and where...
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    Doosan Lathe, Tool Setter Adjustment/Calibration ?

    Over the last 4 years the tool setter or X axis on my Lynx2100 has drifted about .003"( .006" on size) somewhere somehow. Originally it was set so that OD tools would cut .002" big(So -.002" X offset), ID tools .002" small so (+.002" to be on size). Now when I touch off I have to put a -.008" X...
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    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    Has the price jumped up much on them vs the 1st Lynx2100 on you got? I've been debating adding a 2nd but been too chicken to check current price, if it's like everything else they must be up quite a bit eh?
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    New Shop Concrete Thickness

    For heavier machines better to have them on their own pad. If you know where they'll go pour it now, if not, make sure you can do it later. Thickness depends a lot on base too. When I called last year about concrete it was $138/yard(CAD$) and 10% fuel surcharge, not sure if it's gone up since...
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    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    Which new lathe did you go with? lynx, puma? Y and Sub? And yeah, lots of things are still way behind and many companies struggling to get people/techs in every trade. I don't know if machine sales are slowing down any yet? did they have much inventory or is it a long wait for the machines ?