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  1. gorrilla

    WTB Replacement bed for 1937-1940 model SB 13x38 tool room lathe

    We’ll try this again. I have bought an old, very worn SB 13” lathe. Bed is approx 5’ long, lathe swings anout 36” between centers. I’ve considered re-grinding mine, but it’s really to far gone IMHO. So I’m looking at either replacing the bed, or selling the lathe for parts, and starting over...
  2. gorrilla

    Finally, First chips in MY OWN SHOP,!

    Finally got down to making some chips in my shop. Worked for 35 years in other folks shops, finally got a place of my own. Little South Bend 13(serial number says between 1937 and 1940 model) and a Bridgeport clone mill. Got the drawbar in for the mill, finished tweets for that, swept in the...
  3. gorrilla

    Re-grinding the bed on my South Bend 13

    There used to be somebody in Fredericksburg doing this. Anybody know if they still exist?
  4. gorrilla

    Re-grinding the bed on my South Bend 13

    Ok. Enlighten me. Commerce?
  5. gorrilla

    Re-grinding the bed on my South Bend 13

    I recently retired and am in the process of setting up a small shop at my home. Something to keep my hand in. Part of this has been a South Bend 13x36 lathe. Serial numbers indicate it’s a 1937-1940 model. And the ways have seen better days. Badly worn in the area of most of the work. Obviously...
  6. gorrilla

    South Bend 13 restoration - Serial number 80335

    I too have a SB 13. Mine is only about 36” long bed, and has a taper attachment. In reading up on the South Bend lathes, I’m told that this configuration was known as the “ toolroom” model. I’ll need to verify that. My ways are pretty worn in the area where the apron has done most of the work...
  7. gorrilla

    LTB 3 phase converter.

    Good to know. I'm far from fluent in electrical issues. This little tidbit could have been an expensive mistake. On another related note, should I "overbuild" my system with a bigger RPC than what it appears to call for? Like ,say a five horse RPC for that three horse mill? Or just go with the...
  8. gorrilla

    LTB 3 phase converter.

    The mill I have has a vary drive in the head, so I really don't need variable speed. The lathes I've been looking at all have transmissions, with multiple speeds built in, so I really don't see the advantage there either. I haven't looked into a VFD. Just trying to get my head around a 3 phase...
  9. gorrilla

    LTB 3 phase converter.

    I'm interested in a three phase converter, sufficient to run a Bridgeport type mill. Figures out to be about three horsepower. I'm NOT what you would call "electrically fluent" so bear with me. I've talked to Phase Perfect, and intend to (eventually) bring in a small lathe, but that may be a...
  10. gorrilla

    Chatter. Could go for some creative programming or...?

    I was gonna say, before TC beat me to the punch, this problem has been approached by Okuma I know, and I figure likely many others, with a harmonic speed variation program, which does the same thing as you standing there floating the spindle speed up and down. Why in the hammer headed hell you...
  11. gorrilla

    The difference between machining accuracy and positioning accuracy

    I have NOTHING to add. This has been one of the more educational threads I have followed, and has reinforced my opinion that ,even after 35+ years in this, there is a whole lotta stuff regarding it that I do not know yet. And why I follow threads that I know very little about on this Forum. I...
  12. gorrilla

    FOR SALE: 10.5” x 28”De Vallière H.130C Toolroom Lathe

    I was thinking the same thing. Sweet machine. Price appears to be fair. Obviously been babied and well kept. Too far for me though.
  13. gorrilla

    When management doesn't understand the business

    Read through quite a few of the responses, most were a variation of the first thing that came to mind. At your stage in the game, ride it out till they fold up their chairs and go home. They surely will, but I couldn't say whether it will be next week, next year, or when. I'm about to retire in...
  14. gorrilla

    Training young people

    Boy! Talk about cutting their nose off to spite their face! Just throwing away three years of investment in training. And in multiple cases! Wow. Sounds like an extreme disconnect between bean counters and the reality of the work. But you are right. I've seen such happenings. In my 14 years as...
  15. gorrilla

    Training young people

    We are sort of in a desert as far as machinists go, so we are almost forced to bring in entry level people, most barely out of high school. The closest tech school that makes any effort concerning machining is a good 100 miles away, at TSTC in Waco. We've had a couple of guys start here, then...
  16. gorrilla

    Hardinge with Fanuc 0iMD Multiple Stoppages Problem

    Got two machines with the "O" control. One is an OiMB, the other is an OiMD. THe "B" model is, of course, several years older, and has this same problem. It is on a Chevalier(Falcon) machine, linear ways, Cat 40 spindle. It is the product of the first task I was given when I hired in here. I was...
  17. gorrilla

    How To Deal With Your Scrap Metal

    Salty were they? Used to have an old fellow locally by the name of June Carroll. Talk about a grouch! He OWNED the place and was very likely to tell you to stick it, whether you were buying or selling! However, being a hot rod kid at the time, June would on occasion come up with items that I...
  18. gorrilla

    Can the "no go" on your thread gage go in just a little?

    You now have a documentable discrepancy. If YOUR gauge has been calibrated recently, as I would expect, I'd have an outside source check, confirm, and document your findings ON THE BAD GAUGE, send the parts, and the screwed up gauge, back to whoever, along with a bill for time and expenses...
  19. gorrilla

    Trouble Drilling Receiver

    I'm gonna steal that procedure. Never ran into this particular problem, closest I've gotten is an 03A3 receiver. They are case hardened, which gets to top "crust" wicked hard. But a carbide drill spotting it usually gets one past the bad part. Usually. I don't drill many any more since I started...
  20. gorrilla

    I need some help converting A/C current to D/C current.

    THAT's what I was looking for. Electrical is NOT my forte, as I'm sure is evident. But this sounds exactly like what I was looking for. I will check into the solutions you have mentioned deeper. I do need the variable speed option to function. If possible. And I want to set all this up to where...