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  1. starbolin

    Tig welder?

    :icon_bs::icon_bs: :icon_bs::icon_bs::icon_bs: The transformer machines are bomb proof and will still be running when you are gone from this earth. I have a an ancient Union Carbide designed Linde 300A machine and I love it. No, I don't see the oft quoted deleterious effect on my electrical...
  2. starbolin

    Custom nut/screw source or can someone make it for me? Not sure if Metric or Inch.

    Take a threaded, metric, female-female, hex standoff and epoxy a 6-32 stud in one end.
  3. starbolin

    thoughts on this (brazing cast iron)

    Cook that iron at 350F overnight to get all that oil out. Grinding with a stone smears the carbon around. It's better to cut with a burr or a file. Heat to red then brush with a wire brush to remove oxides and carbon.
  4. starbolin

    looking for help with business plan

    Post an add somewhere on a 'business' board that you are an investor looking for 'opportunities' in companies that are manufacturing parts for the government. Your email will overflow with proposals and plans from bright, young, MBAs ( and scheisters ).
  5. starbolin

    Bush Bearing Test Rig

    Sorry, my mistake. SI Torque is in Newtons * Meters and a Newton is Kg * meters per second per second so Torque would be Kg * ( m/s)*(m/s). I'll fix my post. Thank you. Many references will use the units Kg*m ( or lb*ft ) as torque. These are both incorrect as both express a 'moment' whereas...
  6. starbolin

    Bush Bearing Test Rig

    I don't know where you got that number but I think it's wrong. 1N=1Kg*m/s/s and 1HP = 75 Kg*m/s so using your numbers: HP = 3000Kg x 0.12 x 3000 rotations/minute x ( 0.1*pi meter/rotation ) / ( 3600 seconds/minute ) / ( 75 Kg * meter/seconds ) all the units drop out giving: 1.25 HP A...
  7. starbolin

    Bush Bearing Test Rig

    I can't answer that. For a dry polymer bearing, yes, this would be the dynamic COF. For a lubricated bearing, no, will be less. This formula gives an answer in Kg Meters which is a moment not torque. ( US terminology, whereas you seem to be using the UK terminology for torque. A common mixup...
  8. starbolin

    Chemists/metallurgists: help me make my rust patina stick!

    Wrong material. Like Tomas says. Grain structure too small - too much chromium - too much aluminum ( AK steels ) - not enough carbon - whatever. Ever notice how an old high carbon chisel or hammer you can polish all day long and it still has a brown patina. Old rifle barrels too. Also...
  9. starbolin

    Bearings in UHMW

    Well met and welcome to the forum. Intelligent question! Yes, you need some kind of positive retainer between UHMW and steel. I've tried pressing UHMW inserts into metal pockets and even with a lot of interference the inserts pressed back out with little resistance. The upside it that one...
  10. starbolin

    Steady rest build

    I think a steady is about the easiest thing to fab or adapt for your lathe. I've done both. I which you chose depends on your skill set and whether a donor steady can be had. A steady does not have to be exactly on center. The adjustable fingers take care of that. Nor do the fingers have to...
  11. starbolin

    8620 what to know to weld it

    The chrome and low carbon make 8620 very forgiving to weld. The only question would be are the shafts failing at the weld? If so then preheat material as it is 2 inches, weld with low hydrogen electrodes, 80S2 filler, post heat to 630F.
  12. starbolin

    lathe spindle bearings

    I would look to the motor coupling to the drive train first. Does it have belts? Are they worn. Are there belt sets? They may have become unmatched. If belts are the belt pulleys tight? Are there drive couplings? Are the flexible elements degraded? If the bearings are worn out you can...
  13. starbolin

    Steam engine indicator

    I'm not sure why you picked the Austin Seven as the original Seven only made 7 HP! Don't through that baby out yet! To compare engine horsepowers you have to adjust by the RPM at which the power was measured. Your Austin Seven was measured at what, say 5K rpm? The Type 10 probably ran below...
  14. starbolin

    OT, kinda. Freight shipper making multiple stops?

    And what I call a 'dock' is called a 'terminal'. I'll try to keep these in mind but I pay a bunch of great guys known as Oak Harbor Freight to know that stuff for me. I don't expect my 'carrier' to know the difference between a VBM and a VTL either.
  15. starbolin

    OT, kinda. Freight shipper making multiple stops?

    It generally doesn't pay to try to second guess the logistics guys and their computers especially if it means half loads going any distance at all. However, if you could find a dock in OH then I could see shipping everything to the dock there and then one truck to MN. I think that could be very...
  16. starbolin

    Looking for tritium vials

    I am disinclined to be the internet 'cop' and personally I wouldn't care if you bought a whole tank of H3 and released is into the air but your question caused be to search for what a 'tritium vial' was and as to why you were having a hard time sourcing them. To wit; Although it is legal for an...
  17. starbolin

    using a light duty lathe to knurl steel

    I could just be thick but I'm certainly as confused as a dog in a water works. Do you want a flute, a serration or a knurl? knurl noun 1. a small projecting knob or ridge, esp. in a series around the edge of something. ser·ra·tion noun 1. a tooth or point of a serrated edge...
  18. starbolin

    Form turning aluminum tube

    Are you using opposing tools or trying to do this with one tool? Are you using lubricant? Are you using a mandrel? The process can be sensitive to material. Do some batches of material draw down better than others? What is the grade of aluminum? Have you tried a better grade? Is your stock...
  19. starbolin

    Building new shop. Need some suggestions and some questions answered.

    Put in more electrical service than you think you need and even then it won't be enough. I wouldn't put anything in the floor you don't have to. Just drains and water. Too expensive to move and fix. Heated floors are for bedrooms. As an engineer I would not put anything in a shop-space...
  20. starbolin

    Ideas for machining piston rods

    A chucker with a 5C nose would and an automatic threader would be efficient at that. I would go with a turret lathe with a automatic die head. You don't want to be single-pointing that many on a manual machine. Outfit either with a rear cut-off and you have your length too. Precutting the...