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  1. ARB

    Sag12 Threading lever instal

    I have a dilemma. I foolishly pulled the threading handle out of the carriage on my Sag12. Has anyone installed one of these before? Is there a trick to lining up all the pieces and parts so it slides all the way in? I've given it quite a few goes with no joy yet. Getting the floppy keys to line...
  2. ARB

    EASTEC 2023

    Really wanted to finally get back this year after missing it for the last 6 or 7 years. As per usual, a big important job that needs my attentions lands in the shop.. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  3. ARB

    Hi Feed Mill for 40 taper

    I've had some solid luck with a HRMD tool from Korloy. I run a 2 inch in P20 mold steel. Worked well in my anxient 1994 VF3
  4. ARB

    Best Hydraulic Chucks

    I also switched from Schunk to Mari. I had a Skunk lose it's ability to hold after about a year. They said tough luck. The Mari holders have been swell.
  5. ARB

    Late 70s Leblond Servo shift

    Thanks for the replies. Went and passed on the machine today. Head seemed fine. Ways were a bit iffy. Power feed on carriage definitely iffy. Too bad. The machine was not bad overall but I need a runner
  6. ARB

    Late 70s Leblond Servo shift

    I'm shopping around for a 19-22 inch engine lathe to add to the shop. I ran into a 1978 Leblond Regal 19 x 78 with servo shift. I ran a servo shift machine way back in my apprenticeship. I seem to recall that these can be fussy. What is the general consensus on these machines? Other than the...
  7. ARB

    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    Very nice Russ. I might have to stop by to check it out..
  8. ARB

    Measuring Chuck Clamping Force

    Have you pulled the chuck apart and serviced it?
  9. ARB

    Large Arbor Press

    Here she is.
  10. ARB

    WooHooo The Eagle has landed!!!!

    Still chugging along after all this time.
  11. ARB

    OT. In Memory of Mitty

    I was thinking of him today as I was using some Dexloc pins in a fixture that I designed that way after his testimonial. I don't come around here that often any more but sure glad I did today.. The square inch dealer is getting lucky..
  12. ARB

    Bridgeport XR1000 operator message 2022

    Thanks dummy for writing it down.. Here we are again...
  13. ARB

    Tree Journeyman 325 Spindle Bearings: Possible rebuild?

    The quill comes out the bottom. The spindle is pretty easy to work on. You will need a big pair of snap ring pliers to drop the spindle out of the quill. You will also need the patience of a saint to undo the screws that attach the ball nut to the back of the quill. By the time I had it loose I...
  14. ARB

    Ox's Shop

    Nice counts. She's been a good one for sure.
  15. ARB

    I have a confession

    Wow. I ran into this thread searching for something else. The little sharp is still going strong 12 years later. Still doing great work. I still hate the tool changer and the Chip conveyor is still a POS but the machine is solid as they come. A couple motor contactors is about all I have needed...
  16. ARB

    1911 Handgun Slide Machining Hood clearance

    Hey Neil. Looks like you have come quite a ways since the Tree. Keep at it. Adam
  17. ARB

    Where does SFM number come from?

    I've been doing this with staggering results. In the old days you would have been nuts to run a 1/2" mill at 5K in 304. Let alone get High MRR and long life. Modern tools and cutting paths have changed the game.:cheers:
  18. ARB

    Hardinge Talent lathe fuse help

    Spoke too soon. Man. Stick it in and break it off. Now the damn turret won't clamp. Are we having fun yet?
  19. ARB

    Hardinge Talent lathe fuse help

    To close out. The IO board had a couple bad relays. The bigger problem was the E-stop module. That had a nuked diode and trace. Thanks to the dogged persistence of my brother and friend Joe they figured it out. A special note that the $250 schematic I bought from Hardinge was almost...
  20. ARB

    Stupid Things I Do

    Well shoot. I just left the damn flip stop up and smoked it with a cutter. Nice work dummy. After I coached the operator to be sure to always put it down. She left and I took over... Doh. Happy Friday.