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    Stupid cad jockeys forgot fractions

    well,let's sit down and see where we stand. Gw
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    Anybody interested in working a nuke outage? Need a new labour pool.

    Kinda miss ya IR,back when fun was fun. Gw
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    O.T. Badlands winch

    I bought a Warn in 76 for a new Cherokee,bought from the Jeep dealer, think it was still AMC then? Its still on a 79 F150 I gifted my SIL, still works, got power out too, no Idea of the part#. I feel my winch was mostly abused, I guess they all are? Was kinda like the pic Garwood posted but...
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    looking for a Horizontal boring mill

    I spent most of my 50 years in the trade standing beside Bmils in and around the Motor City, My thought, a cnc Bmil can and will do one offs way faster than a manual,and better. started on em bee four readouts, iffin I had a big enough barn and the hankerin,it would be a G&L wit a 8000A or B...
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    OT Industry Growth and Art

    I Have nothing right now to add other than saying excellent question,plus my heart strings got touched my the mention of Detroit, I am out in the stics now,but fancy myself always a Detroit boy. " We s da boys dat build da cars"
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    Skyhook Toolpost crane or Gorbel Workstation Crane?

    Pole barn slideing door track is also good for lite weight(500#s?) lifting,ask me how I know,no don't. If one uses their imagination , and puts the load up to the top of trusses and not the low hanging 2X4, it tends to look stronger,and prolly is. I have 3 hoist on sliding tracks hanging in...
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    Deep Drilling Aluminum Bronze

    Are these coolant holes,heater holes? I would want to farm it to a gun drill shop.. good luck,your gonna need it. Gw
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    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    Doug did you just cluck? peck,peck?
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    Best choice for a tapping head?

    A Procunier (Porky Pine) doulbles your rpms on the way out, I have maybe 1/2 doz. I bought used, the gol darn bees knees man. Good luck Gw
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    Who makes the classic 'belt disc combo' sander/grinder with dust collection in the base ?

    I bought one of the kalamazoo sanders Don, from production tool, the deee lux model like your talking, I am not sorry,tis the bees knees. Gw
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    Straddle stackers - anyone used them?

    Not that it matters, I have one made in Canada in 1954, a custmer sold/gave it to me, it claims to be able to lift 1,500#s, never stalled it yet,after installing overhead hoists, I don't use it much. my crete is smooth, not to bad to push around, like snoman said, it's a bitch loading a pickup. Gw
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    Winslow drill sharpener

    G&L are Giddings& Lewis .
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    How much downtime can your shop withstand?

    For the rest of my time here if it happens,money making is getting boring. Gw
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    Winslow drill sharpener

    Was this drill grinder a spin off of G&L machine tools? Gw
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    when your coveralls get some miles on em,the snaps get loose,on the cuffs or the belly ones, screeze the male part in your bench vice ( vice is more accurate than pliers) just a smige this will tighten the snap up,start small ,test and repeat til satisfied
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    Matsuura RA-3G no cycle start, need help

    I have a 1987 /matt., if its sits idle for 2 days the tool change arm, the one right next to spindle will drop a bit, I have to stand on table and manually function the silanoid up top,which pulls the arm up snug, then machine runs as it should.
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    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    iffin you got the coin,buy a BIG enough one to run the whole dam farm,AND,thats turns on and off auto like. the one i have puts fire in the wire in less than 5 seconds,A/C,the well, animal water heaters,fish pond bubblers,barn lites, a fricken gold plated coffin aint gonna do ya any good, go...
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    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    moon man, my genset is a Kolher , spelling maybe off but you get the jest, If i recall your in Ohio, my supplier/installer is somewhere just north of Ohio in Mi. I meant it when I said I was quoted 12 large for what I bought for 6 from another fella,so be aware of this when looking, I got 3...
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    I am considering purchasing a Lagun / Rebublic 717-a, give me the good, bad and ugly!

    I bought a 1991 Lagunamatic, delta 20( i think its a 20) maybe 15 years ago, 40 taper,still runs and does all I ask of it, no T/C,ran this and my manuals for a bit, made plenty of $, to buy a bigger machine with a T/C er. Still use the goon ,mostly second ops. Dynapath is still in business and...