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  1. Kyle Smith

    Quick change swiss tooling?

    We use the Sandvik system that TeachMePlease referenced. Sumitomo sales rep just brought by a new quick change system that looked good. Availability is tight right now, but the system looked good. https://sumicarbide.com/product/psz/
  2. Kyle Smith

    Trouble Sourcing 1/4"Ø Cold Finish 17-4 Cond. A Stainless

    Thank you to all for the leads. Metal Service Center had the material at a significantly higher price, but beggars can't be choosers. We will see how bad the customer wants the parts.
  3. Kyle Smith

    Trouble Sourcing 1/4"Ø Cold Finish 17-4 Cond. A Stainless

    I typically buy from Thyssen Krupp and EMJ, but both are struggling to supply 5/16"Ø 17-4. I'm getting delivery dates for June. 416 and 420 are also options, but the customer prefers 17-4. Anyone have another source I can try? I'm buying 4,000lbs, 5 times a year. Edit: Title should read 5/16".
  4. Kyle Smith

    Overcome the Noisy Haas Coolant Pump?

    We set a new VF-4 on the floor last fall and the pump is loud. The tech said they are all like that. Only took 9 months for it not to bother me as much.
  5. Kyle Smith

    How to know when its time to move on

    It always seems easy to find a job when you have a job. If you go into the interview with a job, you have a confidence that people will recognize and they feel like they are stealing you. If you don't have a job they are wondering what is it about this person that is unemployable.
  6. Kyle Smith

    RFQ: Small threaded rod. 1000pcs

    PM sent. ccc
  7. Kyle Smith

    Creating Thread Gaging for Internal Threads

    I've made this mistake before. The male plug gauge needs to be made to the female pitch diameter numbers. 4.250"-12 3B Pitch Ø: 4.1959"/4.2023" Major Ø: 4.2500"/4.2685" Ref. The low side is your GO, the high side is your No-GO. I made a gauge in the past to the male numbers, which gives you...
  8. Kyle Smith

    Galvanized way covers on new Haas machines & waste disposal from install?

    Xtreme Cut 250C by QualiChem, no issues after about 8 months.
  9. Kyle Smith

    Finish recommendations for Sapele in exterior setting

    The kids use it quite a bit. The broad platform makes it easier for them to stand up and they seem to like that. The only negative is that it is a difficult swing to keep going. I'm not sure if it is the pivot connection or just the overall mass of it.
  10. Swing 2 Bottom

    Swing 2 Bottom

  11. Kyle Smith

    Finish recommendations for Sapele in exterior setting

    This is the first I have really looked at it in about a year, and it seems like the deterioration has sped up from what I remember. It gets a fair amount of use and has had some battles with the lawn mower, overall I'm happy with the finish considering the environment and 2.5 years. Picture...
  12. Swing 1

    Swing 1

  13. Kyle Smith

    Finish recommendations for Sapele in exterior setting

    It is holding up well. I'll take a couple pictures this evening.
  14. Kyle Smith

    Anything actually use #14 machine screws?

    I've never seen an application in the wild, but I did mess up a batch of parts by using a #14-20 instead of a 1/4"-20. They look very similar. Luckily I figured this out after heat treat. :D
  15. Kyle Smith

    CNC Scribing

    With the ball endmill the lighter you go the more noticeable Z height variations become. 0.004"-0.005" looks pretty good.
  16. Kyle Smith

    CNC Scribing

    3/64"⌀ ball endmill works well too.
  17. Kyle Smith

    Unistrut "overhead crane"........anyone use it?

    This track and trolley system works pretty well. It's nice for pole barn doors and kids playground zip lines, I'd imagine it would work well for your 4th axis. McMaster-Carr
  18. Kyle Smith

    Pretty scrap

    Almost all of these are "prototypes", yea um, that's what they are called. Some of these are actually the more desirable lightened versions, of if you prefer the racing variant.
  19. Scrap 2

    Scrap 2