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  1. wheels17

    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    You know, you're right! I must have been to the left. In any event it was a conscious decision to be out of the path.
  2. wheels17

    Best engineering screw ups

    @bosleyjr Oh man, Bird Stuart and Lightfoot!! The Red book. At least back in the 70s. Nice discussion, by the way.
  3. wheels17

    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    @rwa2004, regarding a different method than sawstop's block. Bosch briefly sold a contractors saw in the US that used their airbag actuator technology to drive the blade below the table. The blade was not damaged, and the actuator could be reversed for a second use so that you were not...
  4. wheels17

    Best YouTube Cad tutorials?

    I just went through a start from scratch learning experience with Fusion 360. It was very difficult until I realized the differences between bodies and components. Only one of the videos I found actually focused on this and it was the key to my understanding. I've been successful in preparing...
  5. wheels17

    Radial load on ballscrew

    There is a "balls rolling on pairs of pins" ball nut mount that is designed to prevent the runout and non - straightness of the ball screw from affecting the carriage running on linear bearing rails on lower end 3d printers. It floats in x and y, and is very rigid in z. I couldn't find the...
  6. wheels17

    Minimizing shop overhead as a business strategy?

    I don't know if this will help, but it is an interesting story anyway. I was at a auction talking to a couple of Mennonite machinists about their work. They make production quantities of simple lathe parts on a manual turret lathe and say they make good money. I asked how they could compete...
  7. wheels17

    Ideas on how these cylinders come apart?

    Welded cylinder repair:
  8. wheels17

    3-Phase Disconnects(?) on Rochester NY Craigslist

    Not associated with this in any way other than seeing it on Craigslist. Headline shows $110, $175 for 3 https://rochester.craigslist.org/tls/d/caledonia-square-switch-boxes/7596793852.html Two look like disconnects, but one looks like a reversing starter (to my amateur eye.)
  9. wheels17

    OT what items are nearly impossible to sell?

    I volunteer at a used tool charity shop. We receive lots of donations of conventional pipe wrenches and sell very few other than the unusual ones (offset, aluminum, 4', etc). I think it is due to the fact that there is really very little use for screwed pipe anymore. Any supply stuff gets...
  10. wheels17

    An Unusual "Safe Face" File

    I saw this on a YouTube short. I've never seen a file with what appears to be a "safe" portion on the face of a file. Is there a name for this?
  11. wheels17

    Broach Bushings?

    Very limited experience here, but a 1/4" broach in a cast iron John Deere mower pulley was easy with a 3 ton jet arbor press. It was easier than a 1/8 broach in a steel gear. It was less nerve wracking since the 1/4 broach was more robust. I think you will have clearance problems with a 1...
  12. wheels17

    Nightmare: VFD in NYC - Powering a Schaublin 102 on 110V residential power

    Many apartments and commercial buildings are wired from the transformer 208/120 wye so you might see that rather than 240. Is there a washer/dryer hookup? If so, there's probably a 220 (208?) receptacle. It would most likely be on a 30A double breaker.
  13. wheels17

    kind of OT: Open AI / ChatGPT

    I am worried about the answer described above. I'm a Chemical engineer, not mechanical, but the description of the solution doesn't look right to me. It's calculating the moment of inertia of a solid of the given diameter,not a tube: The polar moment of inertia can be calculated using the...
  14. wheels17

    What size tapered reamer is needed for a KO Lee grinder?

    I think the steeper taper is so that they are not self locking tapers. I think it changes somewhere around 7 or 8 degrees.
  15. wheels17

    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    We have underground utilities in our neighborhood, dating from the late '60s, but get frequent power outages due to the feed to the neighborhood coming in on overhead lines. A downside to this is that since there are no poles, the fiber companies that could compete with cable can't afford the...
  16. wheels17

    Mystery Starrett Micrometer

    Are you sure 1.2 to 2.2 is half an inch or is it .3937", and those are centimeter markings?
  17. wheels17

    Conestoga College (Canada) Machine Shop Training

    This is an overview of the training shop at Conestoga College (Canada). Amazing investment in the future of machining. The focus on manual machines is interesting. Apparently this is the first video that will cover a variety of trades in the future. Here's there school teaser video:
  18. wheels17

    Electrical Cabinet Corrosion - How bad is it?

    That looks like an outside panel. Is this leakage rather than condensation? It looks like a lot of dirty residue on the bottom of the panel. I'd get a small roof over the area with proper flashing at the wall/roof intersection. Or at least flashing over the panel and under the bottom of the...
  19. wheels17

    using turcite

    My belt sander has an aluminum platen covered with a spring steel plate backed with about 1/16" cork. Since 1978. The leading edge of the platen kicks away from the belt at 45 degrees to provide an attachment point for the spring steel. You could use one of the polymer filling compounds on...
  20. wheels17

    Announcement re: attaching photos in PMs

    On windows you can resize using paint. It is a menu item. Then copy and paste right into the note. On Android you can use the gallery app. There is a resize option in the pencil icon. Resize it, copy, and paste into the note. Much easier than the old software. This was 9mb originally...