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    How to learn speeds and feeds SFM vr IPM

    Machinist Calc Pro2 Calculator. Best $100 I spent
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    2006 HAAS TM2 Boot problem

    Maybe corrupt memory and you need to call the HFO (guy or gal) to re flash the memory.
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    drill bit suggestions

    If 9/16 works try a Drill Hog in cobalt. Not a Milwaukee drill hawg.
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    Mori SL 20

    Looking at buying a Mori Seiki SL 20, (probably a non runner) out of the 80's with a YASNAC control. Look into this or skip? No manuals. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    MATSUURA RA-3f having Trouble Clearing alarm 3012 and 3006

    Don't know anything about a Matsuura but I have run into bad limit switches or maybe just in need a little adjustment.
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    RS-232 Trouble! Ancient Dyna Mechtronics Mill.

    Does it work with the USB?
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    RS-232 Trouble! Ancient Dyna Mechtronics Mill.

    Go buy a rs-232 jump box on ebay or borrow one. I did and it saved me hours of struggling with which wire goes where.Voltage changes + or - . Also some of these old computers only talked in EIA or ASCI don't know which one is pretty much standard these days I think ASCI is the standard one. What...
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    RS-232 Trouble! Ancient Dyna Mechtronics Mill.

    Your probably going to have to go on ebay and buy a rs-232 jump box with red and green lights on it to see if your voltage changes + or - You might have to ditch the USB and go with a PC. USB only has 5 volts. When you do get it working then you can try the USB connection.
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    Mitsubishi M64S Rigid tapping

    You might need to remove the F.05 and change it to a P20 for pitch (1/4-20) I would have to look at my M80 control to be sure.According to what you programed you got 20,000 threads per inch.Might be to much for control to do.
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    Major problem when sending G Code via RS 232 to Haas

    Maybe it's time to look at a 3.5 floppy drive conversion to usb stick. My 2002 TM-1 had no floppy disk but behind the screen there was a plug to put in a 3.5 floppy disk in (you might have this cable and plug). Their are lots of HAAS's out there where I think for a couple of hundred dollars you...
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    Major problem when sending G Code via RS 232 to Haas

    You using a good shielded cable? The AC servo motor machines are a lot noisier than the good old DC machines. What are you using for communications software?
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    Brother tc-s2a not homing z axis

    You probably have revolvers on all the axis you have to get the Z in proper postion for tool change (no limit switches to home like the good old days). I have no experience with these but I know they exist. Somebody will steer you in right direction in a couple of days with more knowledge than...
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    Broken Taps on a Hurco CNC mill

    Maybe to slow try 300 RPM. What do you have to lose? (Another broken tap) I have a friend that was breaking 10-32 taps going 150 rpm on a HAAS TM-2.Upped the rpm to 300 no more problems.
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    You will be able to tell if it is a G code machine by the keypad. If it has the alphabit on it you have a G code machine. I have a 227 which is a lot older (I think 1991 vintage ). Manual says if you have a G code you also have conversational. Try a G1 X1.0 Z.5 or a Y and Z move. This will...
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    Ghost in the machine

    I had a journeyman 300 (long time ago) and when homing would take off slowly it was the home limit switch on the axis.Push it down a couple of times to see if it works and if you hear a click.
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    kennametal or maritool ?

    My Bt 30's have 70mm projection length with a couple of 100mm projections. My mill is 7.875 spindle nose to table.You have to have various length tool holders.It is challenging at times but I make due. Kurt vise is 2.875 thick with about 1.3 jaws. My standard cat 40 TG 100 is about 3.5 long.
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    Retention Knob issue between BT30-1 and 2

    I thought brother was the only one with the 60 degree pull stud.
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    BT30 pullstuds

    I'm guilty of this when I'm to lazy to switch pull studs.Never any production but light stuff they interchange and work. Never dropped any tools.I have no speedio just a old 1992 brother and a new TongTia VTX-5.
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    Tongtai VTX-7 Mits M80 Alarms 1068 & 1040 Lubrication Alarm Help!

    Looked on my VTX-5 today You can push the feed button on the lube pump, to cycle the pump, the pressure gauge should be in the green marks. If not building up pressure you can adjust the pressure by loosing up the jam nut, right side of pump ( looks like about a 10 mm nut) and turning screw in...
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    Tongtai VTX-7 Mits M80 Alarms 1068 & 1040 Lubrication Alarm Help!

    I have a VTX-5 and the pump runs for 15-20 seconds.I also have a pressure gauge on the lube pump that shows it is getting pressure.You can turn pump on by pressing switch on the way lube oilier. Maybe you have a plugged oil pickup line in the way lube tank?