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    Have any of you machined IGUS I-glide T500?

    Just looked it up. It’s claimed good to 1,000Mrad for gammas. also only damaged by acids greater than 65% nitric or sulfuric, boiling aqua regia anyone? They didn’t mention weak organic acids like those that will dissolve Teflon or Kapton. All kidding aside I would love to know what’s in those...
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    Have any of you machined IGUS I-glide T500?

    What did they load it with, cubic zirconia, boron nitride, or did they go straight to diamond?
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    Re-posted from the abrasive machining forum: single pass honing shafts?

    No, Marcus is always making difficult things.
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    Milling Thin Copper (Warping)

    You could always anneal the copper first. A couple or hours at 800C in a reducing atmosphere will render it dead soft. Of course in that state your machining fun will be even greater.
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    Flexible, powerful benchtop machining setup using a baseplate

    That is a very nice composite core table. The one above looks like a plain aluminum one. That can be had from Thor for $550 or $750 for a 2’ square either 0”5” or .75” thick. https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=159
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    Flexible, powerful benchtop machining setup using a baseplate

    I’m applauding the creativity while simultaneously crying at the thought of that very nice little positioner being bathed in grinding dust. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a nice little baseplate like that. I’ll never look at the ThorLabs catalog the same way again.
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    Black Electroless Nickel Plating- Looking for an excellent plating shop

    Try http://www.alexandriametalfinishers.com/index.html We used them for all our flight hardware.
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    Pillow block questions

    I’ve never seen a boat with suspension, the water takes care of that, not sure why you need it.
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    Furnace Brazing Aluminum

    We had a frame significantly larger than 32” x 32” dip brazed.
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    Impossibly complicated purchase...replacement way cover.

    Don’t forget the shipping requirements review, to be followed by the shipping box design review, culminating in the shipping readiness review.
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    Tiny little pins...how would YOU make them?

    Now I find out about that. It looks very similar to the one I have for my 10mm Lorch. Of course we were in a bit of a hurry at the time and had to use what we had on hand. There was a specific reason we didn’t want the copper in the silver, reducing the nuclear specific heat. After the fine...
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    Tiny little pins...how would YOU make them?

    This all reminds me of one of our spectacular failures, trying to make 000-120 screws from 0.9999 silver. Starting mater was 1/4” dia round, which even 40 years ago was $100/ inch. We both a nicely kitted Levin and a couple of HLVHs. The Levin could hit the diameter we wanted a couple of tenths...
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    shipping an FP2NC table from Germany to California

    I had read and sort of forgotten that, but on rereading it wasn’t clear if the seller didn’t want to ship period, or just to US. If the latter there might be some room for negotiation. I could envision ordering a certified crate for delivery to the seller, having them pack it, then having DHL or...
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    shipping an FP2NC table from Germany to California

    Call DHL and see what they would want. A couple of times I have been pleasantly surprised, other times not, but it’s only a phone call.
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    Safe load on Aluminum I-beam?

    Our rule of thumb is 100% margin if proof loaded, 200% if not.
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    This just a day before Christmas

    Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Cheers to All!
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    Northrop Grumman lousy machining quality

    It says it was from a prototype. Maybe they didn’t care about all the holes and were willing to trade some schedule against a complete article. I’ve rarely met a prototype that was not behind.
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    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    If you can find an old mercury uv lamp that might well fade the ink. You will need a lot of uv, one of those black light tubes probably won’t cut it. The mercury lamp is much shorter wavelength. If you have one of those lamps do not look at it. It will fry your eyes.
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    Spot annealing of beryllium copper

    Like RubyFluid stainless flux. Superior makes another flux that was better for tin.
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    Spot annealing of beryllium copper

    Another question, are you trying to solder with SAC (lead free) or good old PbSn solder. SAC is much more brittle.