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  1. shanesuan

    Toyoda Grinder single point diamond dresser question

    I'm using a chisel point dresser so it could only be flipped 180°
  2. shanesuan

    Toyoda Grinder single point diamond dresser question

    I'd like to find a way to automatically adjust the feed rate of the single point dresser based on how many dressing cycles its made. A new dresser has a .016 radius on it and sits at a 30° angle from the wheel. After dressing the wheel 50 times or so, there's a flat worn on the diamond. After...
  3. shanesuan

    Opinions for my keyway broach program

  4. shanesuan

    High pressure coolant and endmill

    Nah, not for that shallow depth of cut.
  5. shanesuan

    Do Heat Shrink and Hydraulic tool holders really improve tool life?

    I've see tool life improve by nearly 10x when milling sintered powdered metal parts.
  6. shanesuan

    1 - 1/4 8tpi thread drill size

    I agree with the Ø1.125 drill diameter. The Tolerance on the minor diameter ranges from Ø1.140 to Ø1.115 so depending on the thread percentage your aiming for, you could fall anywhere within this zone and be ok
  7. shanesuan

    What could cause my thread pitch to be off in a G76 cylcle?

    When they said "gaining pitch" maybe they meant gaining pitch diameter? Are you sure that it's not just a a taper issue?
  8. shanesuan

    CNC Machinist Calculator App

    I've actually gotten five 1 star reviews. See attached
  9. shanesuan

    CNC Machinist Calculator App

    Gooose, I'm giving you some of my shitty apps for free. If you don't want it, you can give em as a Christmas presents. Here's 10 Android promo codes for you. 5XF4DHJ5CBWZCTBDST3JUZG 0L399S551D7VYNXKBBA1MX0 RPR0460HWT4FADCB1LTMW06 GW218M0ZWCQXNDCJU2ZPAKF RMD40UEZJWEK6F21Q4BX6N7...
  10. shanesuan

    CNC Machinist Calculator App

    It's been a few years since I've posted and I apologize in advance if this breaks forum rules but some of you may find this helpful and/or interesting. Let me start by saying that I'm a manufacturing engineer/CNC programmer who works full time. I started in 1994 as a machine operator. I have a 3...
  11. shanesuan

    Does this count as "computer aided manufacturing"?

    This is for you lathe programmers who don't always have access to a PC. I wrote an app to help program chamfers, tapers, fillets, or a combination of the three. Check out my video: See more at cncdirt.com Thanks, Shane
  12. shanesuan

    Developing a machinist calculator app

    Thank you. I'll will get them in there.
  13. shanesuan

    Developing a machinist calculator app

    Hey guys. I'm a machinist who's been working on a machinist app for a year and a half now. I've learned a ton and want to share some of the things I've written into it. #1 CNC taper: #2 Thread pitch: CNC Machinist Calculator - Over wires thread pitch data - YouTube #3 SFM calculator...
  14. shanesuan

    Rotary Broaching aluminum , NLX2000

    I've never used an external rotary broach but I assume it's similar to the internal style. If I remember right it sits at a 1.5 degree angle so you must dial it in while extending out a specific distance. Are you dialing in off of the spline itself?
  15. shanesuan

    Calculate chamfer / radius / taper moves on a lathe

    Hi guys, I've added a new feature to my Machinist calculator app that lets you export corner rounding g-code for internal & external chamfers, taper, & radii with tool nose compensation. It's is available for download on Google Play.. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro - Android Apps on Google...
  16. shanesuan

    Calculating SFM with a smart phone

    Hey guys. It's been 5 months since I've posted about the Machinist Calculator App that I've been working on. A few weeks ago I made some big changes to the SFM calculator and wanted to share it with you. You can now find SFM based on material type, material hardness, cutter type, & machining...
  17. shanesuan

    CNC honing

    I'm definitely not an expert in burnishing, but the little I have done required the bore diameter to be held closer than +/-.001". So far I haven't been able to hold any tighter than that. Are they reaming first?
  18. shanesuan

    CNC honing

    Rene41 does not like to be burnished or machined for that matter. I can't hold a close enough tolerance boring the hole. It's diameter to length ration is too high. Rene41 is a nickel alloy with 19% chrome, 10% molybdenum, & 10% cobalt.
  19. shanesuan

    CNC honing

    2000 parts per year
  20. shanesuan

    CNC honing

    Has anyone on here had any experience honing on a CNC? I found a company online called Bates Technologies that looks pretty cool. I have a production part made out of Rene 41 with a Ø.7500" +/-.0002 blind bore that's roughly 4.5" deep. It has a .170 wide relief at the bottom. This part takes way...